Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Girls day

Wednesday is girls day.
This involves me running around like a looney, all totally self imposed, to try and ensure that the kids have some kind of nice day with mummy at least once a week, whilst keeping them fit, healthy, and inspired too. Sounds like a recipe for madness eh?

dd2 attempted to get up at 4am, dh put her back to bed, and she came back in at 6am shouting, colour, colour (she has ss's old colour coded clock, so when it hits red she's getting up, we have yet to train her to wait for yellow...) so we got up and did the breakfast thing.

We picked up H, Meridians son and took him and dd1 to pre school, then dd2 and I popped to Sainsburys, where we wandered around picking up veg and bread for the remainder of the week. Dd2 sat on the floor reading a Dora magazine whilst I paid at the checkout. Got served by the towns Mayor, as his other job is Sainsburys checkout bod! That passed 20 minutes, time enough to be on our way to Tumble Tots.

Dd2 had lots of fun at Tumble Tots, learning to climb down ladders, jumping and balancing her way through the 45 minutes, then we headed home for early lunch. 11.45 saw us collect dd1 and H from pre school, dd1 dropped at shop with dad and H at his mums, then dd2 and I went back home again for half an hour, prior to her swim lesson at 13:00.

After swim, we grabbed dd1 from the shop, popped to the Library, had a quick coffee in Clarkes, then back to the pool for dd1's lesson. This was followed by a swift walk home, grabbing the car, and whisking dd1 to Ballet, which she is enjoying very much! hell don't say we don't pack my 'day off' with lots of fun things to do!!!

DD2 went into meltdown whilst dd1 did ballet, as it was all too much for her, and she'd not managed a long enough nap, sigh, another teacher placated her for a bit with an apple, as she did not want the biscuits I had, nor the breadsticks, raisens or apricots another mum had on offer either. So that was our rather busy mid week girls day out!

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