Saturday, 28 April 2007

I'm Back

Whew, I'm back from an exhausting week of sitting by the pool with the kids. As anyone who has kids, will know, a week by the pool, actually means a week either a) in the pool with them, preventing drowing, b) a week chasing them around the pool preventing drowning, c) a week fishing them out of the pool having nearly drowned, which only happened once with dd1, and we discovered she actually could swim for long enough to shout 'help' twice at dh, who'd just left her on the steps on her own and turned his back for a second. Ahem.

I did actually get a few seconds by myself/with dh this hols too, eternal thanks to my mum and dad, for taking the kids to the kiddy club for a whole hour, two days on the trot. I used this time wisely and read a book! yep, I actually did it. For the first time since I gave birth to dd2, I actually started and finished a book. This surely must mean she's growing up and I finally am starting to get time to myself, hurrah!

So what else did we do, hmmmmm, lets see, I ate a lot. Half board, 3 course breakfasts and dinners........gym required for my post holiday belly again me thinks? before I get harpooned preferably. I danced the silly crocodile dance with my kids every night for a week. I drank lots of cappuccinos and a few cold Budweisers, lurvely. Oh and I debated with dh, whether the guy who looked like Matt Damon, with his pregnant wife (they had the rings) by the pool, was in fact Matt Damon in disguise? guess we'll never know, but it sure looked and sounded like him to me.

More later folkes, don't wish to waste my whole saturday night with dh on here!!

Friday, 13 April 2007

Sussed it!

ok, sussed it! maybe I'm not that thick at all, or even blonde ;-P

Damn blogger!!

So here I am, faffing about trying to get this blog to show links, have done everything within my power to get it to work, followed the instructions time and again and it's still not working!!! Even have Apryl on msn and she reckons it must be me being crap, but I swear its not!! The preview page is showing everthing as on there, just when you click on my blog page its not, bah!!! if only I had my very own helpdesk....

Thursday, 12 April 2007

I'm alive!!

I'm still here! I'm still alive!! at least I seem to be....

Slowly recovering after last weekends hectic working schedule. It all went ok. Eternal thanks go to Liz for saving my sanity with the kids and Ash and Jane for the gaffer tape, as oopse I'd forgotten the tent had popped a springy, joint thing last year and so had dh.......que huge, I've just driven 3.5 hrs with the kids in the car row, as soon as we arrived. The reviews on the website indicate everyone enjoyed themselves, so hurrah, 1st proper weekend of the season, happy punters :-)

Anyway, hope to post more tomorrow, as must bung the kids in bed, not even had chance to get on mumsnet this week!!! Am I being missed???? girls???????????? We have friends coming round to cook us dinner (yes, you read that right!) so must dash.

Wednesday, 4 April 2007


Well I can honestly say these have been a blur of washing and mending!
? I hear you ask, what on earth are you on about?
I've been brave and tackled the LRP Crew kit in the garage....(LRP = Live Role Play if ya don't already know) see link to our website once again!
So after 3 weeks, yes it's taken me that long! with 4/5 washes per day going through our poor, battered, old washing machine. I can now say, its done!! the kit is
a) Clean
b) Mended to the best of my ability, although a few items still have the odd in-character tear in them, the majority now have sleeves back on, collars in the right place, backs and sides sewn up again! Still have a feeling there's probably a few buttons could be replaced, but that can be an on site thing, as an when items are needed.

So now I guess that all of that is done, it's time to tackle the house again.........I feel the dust mites are enjoying themselves too much, yuk, yuk, yuk, just thinking about it. Where's the hoover!

But not so fast! oh no, as we have an event this weekend, and I'm not quite done yet with work 'issues'.

I still have pouches to make (3 down, minimum 3 to go) and flyers for the next event to write.

In the meantime I sound like I have a herd of elephants over my head. This is due to the Easter holidays, so SS and dd1 are currently bashing about in his room, this is possibly disasterous, as they could we'll be trying to find various 'dressing up items' which ss may well have forgotten, he has thrown out! (wasn't me, honest guv, no really, honest it wasn't, not for once!) They were jumping around in blankets earlier, pretending to be caterpillers, bless. Dd2 in the meantime is 'reading' a book to herself, awwwwwww. Gran is visiting today, so hurrah, should be able to catch up on myself quite well.

Not much to update on my stalker at the mo, she's gone quiet for now, just waves at me as I sail by in the car with a bunch of kids in tow, maybe mass ammount of kids has scared her off? even Domino's managed to deliver on time at the weekend, all seems to be going too swimmingly, if you see what I mean?

So what else have I been upto, not much I can tell ya!
Oh we (dh and I) did drag ourselves off to Poole for the weekend for our anniversary. This was a much welcome break from the kids, although a little odd whilst we got the lay of the land. It seemed when we got there that no one was out of an evening, must have passed a total of 3 cars on the way in to town and our hotel, very odd for a friday night we thought? on saturday things seemed a bit busier, and by the time we'd walked the half mile into town, we went in the back of the shopping centre and came out in the middle of town, thronging with people, great we thought, but then we noticed a distinct lack of places to enjoy the we thought stuff it, grabbed the car (after a bit of retail therapy, 1 x dress, 1 x new trainers, hurrah water was leaking in my old ones, 2 x new tops) and we went exploring.

We drove round to Swanage for a quick look, as I vaguely remembered going here once as a kid, it was blowing a gale, so we went back inland a bit.....dh wanted to look round Corfe Castle, I was happy looking at it from the road, seen one, seen 'em all point of view! why climb a hill when you don't have to eh? Was told this wasn't in the sprit of things, but lucky for me, the castle was on winter hours and was shutting soon anyway, hurrah. So back to poole and the search for nightlife.

Lets go to the cinema and see Hot Fuzz (we have had several abortive attempts at this, due to cinemas in Derby being full on Orange Wednesdays) So after a drive round, we found where everyone was hiding, one of those out of town entertainment sites!! Cinema, TGI Fridays, Nandos, Frankey n Bennies, etc etc, all in one big out of town lot. This meant only one of us could drink, so neither did, we saved oursleves for the delights of the Brewers Fayre attached to the hotel.......ahem........still we did get to see the movie at last, GREAT!! just in case you've not been, but I think the whole world has by now.

Anyway must go, pouches to sew, will try and update this more often, might one day do my writing career some good!!

Tuesday, 3 April 2007


April, OMG it's April, how the hell did that happen??? coming soon, more on this blog, honest!!! between a house full of kids, Easter hols and sewing kit, bah! anyway more soon promise and I will tell more about the Stalker!