Thursday, 12 April 2007

I'm alive!!

I'm still here! I'm still alive!! at least I seem to be....

Slowly recovering after last weekends hectic working schedule. It all went ok. Eternal thanks go to Liz for saving my sanity with the kids and Ash and Jane for the gaffer tape, as oopse I'd forgotten the tent had popped a springy, joint thing last year and so had dh.......que huge, I've just driven 3.5 hrs with the kids in the car row, as soon as we arrived. The reviews on the website indicate everyone enjoyed themselves, so hurrah, 1st proper weekend of the season, happy punters :-)

Anyway, hope to post more tomorrow, as must bung the kids in bed, not even had chance to get on mumsnet this week!!! Am I being missed???? girls???????????? We have friends coming round to cook us dinner (yes, you read that right!) so must dash.

1 comment:

Stormcrow & Flame said...

Thought you were actually goin for about a week, hence the lack of missing you :D