Sunday, 20 April 2008

Saturday night in Brum

Went for a night out in Birmingham last night, with two of my oldest friends, Liz whom I met when our parents introduced us in our buggies, aged 6mths or so and Jackie, who arrived on our 'block' (our houses were on a 4 street mini block, which aged under 12 seemed like and age away from the rest of our village, where we weren't allowed to go and play as it was too far) aged about 7 I think? I do remember we were in 2nd year junior, Mr Everingtons class, so that guess should be about right? Jackie and I lost touch over the years, for reasons which we can't remember, or at least after discussion last night, we couldn't remember, I guess our lives just took different turns? Liz however has remained in touch with both of us over the years, so at Christmas she got us back in touch properly, so as we all still get on we met up again last night.

I was last to arrive as I had to wait for dh to get back from work. Surprisingly the girls had already nearly polished off a bottle of wine between them (I arrived at 7.15) so they kindly poured me a glass and insisted I catch up, whilst Liz did her hair and checked the train times into town, so save us waiting on a wet and windy platform, all of which failed, as we went with the listed times, but the train didn't.

We headed for the mail box for a meal avoiding Malmaison, as way out of our price bracket (wishful thinking). Instead we had cocktails whilst waiting for a table at Red Peppers, followed by Enchiladas for me, Moussaka for Jak and Moules Marinare for Liz (yuk!) another bottle of wine and desert with coffee. Later we pootled off to a bar called Red's, in town close to the Cathedral, where we continued to drink G&T's,(although I gave up at 12:00, and opted for lime and soda, as had to drive home at 7.30 this am. ) and we danced the night away to a bizarre selection of music, from R&B to Guns and Roses, the DJ was well and truly weird.

So a good night for all. Nice to catch up with the girls, although sad to hear that Jackies dh has been diagnosed with Parkinson's and that life will be not much fun from here on in for them, they're making the best of the quality time they have now, I guess everyone should really live for the moment, but how often do you eh? On a more positive note good to hear Liz appears to have kicked Mr America into touch, I'm hoping this time its for good. So on that note, we're shopping for a replacement bloke for her, any offers out there?

Monday, 14 April 2008


Took ss home to Leeds this morning, (dropped him off at school) then carried on my merry way to York to meet Amanda for a swapping of Tardis Miniature Boxes for monies and a few Lattes on the way :-)

I arrived about 9.30 and took a mooch around a largely still unopen town, I guess they don't open till 10 cause of the tourists? so stay open later? I'd managed to park just outside the wall in Longstay for £4, which turned out to be a bargin, as across town, someone attempted to charge Amanda £10. Surprisingly she told them to stuff it, which sounds great in that geordie lit of hers.

Town only just opening I dived into WHSmiths and got myself a small journal to write in and headed for Starbucks. There I was presented with two drinks, when I'd ordered one, so got some money back off them (I'd ordered toast too and wasn't paying much attention to price, as not used to getting up at 6am) and there I waited for Amanda who was stuck beind a tractor, to get to the meantime I met a stressed out woman with a young son, whom I waved the spare seat at, boy did she need a coffee, turned out she was moving to Germany in three weeks and getting married in six (if you're reading this by random chance I hope it all goes well for you)

Amanda arrived in due course having wrestled with the carparking situation and several slow drivers and tractors and we pootled about York all day in a merry way. I attempted to look for some new trainers or shoes, but York is quite pricy for this, so I popped into McArthur Glen when I got home (didn't have time for York's one today) and got myself some new trainers, as my old ones have been falling apart rapidly, I will not be buying that brand again. So a lovely day of window shopping, bar a sleeping bag I brought for dd2, as now she's a big girl, she'll need her own for camping this year Oh and of course the brownies I got for tea and the kids cookies from Betties!

Friday, 11 April 2008

On my lonesome

On my own today, everyones gone and left me stuck in Ripley on my own.......sob......well I've got the kids to keep me company tonight, but still all the adults are off having fun.......

Andy nearly had to stay, as the van wouldn't start this morning (after all my efforts cleaning it yesterday as well) So we called Manders Garage and they came and towed it round, sorted it out with a new battery and plugs, but they've said the starter motor is on the way out.....more expense ahoy. To be honest we need a new van, its too small anyway, plus its on its last legs, the undercarriage won't hold through the next MOT, this much we know, and we already had a major weld job done on it the previous year. It's an old R reg, so I think it's time to call it quits and get something newer and more environmentally friendly too. Now we just have to find the cash for it, time to save up.

So Andy is off to Candleston if you want details. To rub it in several of the local to here crew popped in the shop this morning, to say goodbye to me and tell me they'd miss me, which I appreciate, but sulk, I wanna go to, (throws dummy out of pram and stomps feet in a 3 year old manner)

Ben hasn't gone, so he popped in to keep me company this morning, so I took advantage of him and sent him to the post office with the days post (well he had nothing else on) and since then, I've had a few more teenagers in for a chat about life and games, so it's not been too bad really.

I'm missing Meridan too though, normally she pops by with a huge mug of coffee for me on a Friday afternoon, but she's off home to USA visiting her old haunt of San Francisco, followed by her parents in Idaho for the next three weeks or so. So I can't even have a girly gossip over a latte, what is the world coming to? I've been feeding her cats whilst she's gone in conjunction with Grandma Pam. I'm on morning shift, which includes hanging the washing out, then Grandma Pam takes it in dry later, this is the theory. In practise today, I think it may have rained on it all, before she's got there. It was fine till about 11am, then wooosh....ahem....might be heading for the dryer that load. Still at least April is being showery, which might just mean a reasonable summer (by UK standards, that's a teeny bit more sunshine than rain).

So I appear to have a working weekend spreading out before me. I wonder, do you think I should try World of Warcraft, whilst the boys are away?

Thursday, 10 April 2008

A small white Tardis

Today has been fill the van with lrp kit day.

3 hrs after I started on it I finished.

3 bags of rubbish have come out of it (how many empty Red Bull cans?)

Elbow grease and hoovering, plus lot of kit has gone into it. Plus one tent, two pillows, two sleeping bags and two airbeds for Dh and SS.

I'm quite proud of how clean the van is looking and of course, it still has at least one layer of sand in it, but compared to how it was looking before, it looks marvelous. Even the outside is clean. So if anyone sees a small gleaming white Tardis driving down the M5 this weekend, that's my hardwork, allright.

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Attempted colouration

Well tonight I attempted to dye all the hats that Dave acquired for larp from Primark.
This was my first attempt at dyeing something.

As soon as I read the instructions inside the dye pack, as opposed to the ones on the outside, it became clear that this was not going to be possible. So I gave them all a quick wash as perscribed anyway, just to see what state they were really in. I chose the four lightest coloured hats to attempt to dye (by seeing what would fit in the sink when squished down) One hour later and they were ready, they're drying at the moment, but I think we may have a spot of spotting on the top of two of them, wondering if it can be covered by pinning into a shape (tri-corn for instance) if I need to dye them again?
The kitchen table is covered in drying hats, as is the drying rack in the kitchen and in the hall. The dyed hats are drying on the utility floor, as I figured, it doesn't matter if any of the washed off dye ends up on the floor, as its being replaced eventually.

I've also sewn up two costumes tonight, so have been fairly productive all in all.

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Kit, kit, oh the washing of kit

The weekend went in a whirl.

Saturday, I worked all day,, as the girls voted to see dh, as he's away with ds all next weekend, larping if you want to see what they're doing. Sunday was a pleasant resting day, with coffee at Starbucks, here at McArthur Glen
with Mike and Carol. It was here that dd2 attempted to kill herself again. Firstly by coming fact first down the cargo netting in the play area.....secondly by just jumping at the fireman's pole and missing, thus landing face first on the floor, which luckily was bouncy. I definitely have a two year old with no fear. I also know the play area said 3-12 only, but you try telling a two year old they can't go on it, especially one as willful as dd2. A small cry later and she was happy and having another go at it all, I do wish she'd listen, when either I or her sister tell her not to do something.
Sunday afternoon, Chris and Louise popped round with Freddie, their little one, its the 1st time we've seen him, and at 7mths old, he's quite big now and a lovely little chap. He sat happily on our floor, playing with some blocks, whilst the dd's negotiated their way around him. Once dh left work, we all met Richard at the pub for dinner and three hours passed in a flash, a good evening had by all. I even remembered to feed Meridians cats on the way home as she's gone Stateside for a visit to her folkes.

The beginning of this week has so far seen me mainly feeding cats, washing lrp kit and doing the accounts (yawn) The crew kit, is now finished, the last lot in the dryer as I type. I just have two things to attempt to sew up, a horribly ripped and heavily padded waistcoat and a robe. I have binned dh's favourite waistcoat, as he's ripped it top to bottom and being leather is a sod to fix, and as I don't have a machine, or any leather needles, I've declared it beyond repair (it might encourage him to get me a machine at some point!)

This evening I have also been left exhausted by aerobics followed by was supposed to be Hula, but due to teacher being awol, and lack of replacement being found it turned into aerobics, much to all our shock and horror. The annoying thing was, in our class was another aerobics teacher, who had turned down the chance to do the class, as she didn't feel confident enough at hula, so when she had to do aerobics under another teacher, who was effectively taking the cash she could have had, had she chosen to wing it, you can imagine how annoyed that made her, and us on her behalf too. She's promised to wing it for us next time! Pilates has finished me off, so I'm going to head for my latest book now. Wintersmith by Terry Pratchett, if anyone fancies a good read? Hat's to dye tomorrow night....might tell you about it then.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Cake, I nearly forgot

Dd2 and I made Cake yesterday and I nearly forgot to tell you.

Due to an excess of spotty bananas we rattled up a banana cake, we even took some to Meridian and her ds to cheer her up, as her boy is poorly......she liked it, although it was rather funny, as she was about to do the same and as you will see from her blog did, except she made muffins.

Our Banana Cake Recipe

3 x Bananas (add more if you have them)
325g plain flour
1 teaspoon Baking Powder
1/2 teaspoon Bicarb of Soda
200g of Sugar
65g Milk (any you have, though not sure skimmed is as good)
3 eggs
1 x lemon plus grated rind
1 tsp vanilla essence/flavouring

Grease your cake tin (any will do)
Mush Bananas
Chuck everything but the flour into a bowl
Mix it up
then add flour and fold in

Put into tin, put in oven at 180 degrees for 40mins.
Voila Banana Cake.

Eat with honey, Meridians Honey Butter, Maple syrup or a good Coffee ( I suppose Early Grey wouldn't go amiss either)

Random things

This week I've mainly been doing a few random things.......

Monday night I went to aerobics, but ended up doing Tai Geri, as aerobics teacher off sick. Tai Geri can best be described as aerobic boxing, which was a refreshing change from the aerobics routine, as Mondays teacher likes to stick with what we all know. This is probably a good thing, as otherwise we all end up going the wrong way, Muppets that we are.

Tuesday night I managed Hula class followed by Pilate's, both of which are doing wonders for my fitness and I'm slowly getting to know other members of the class who go on their own too, so its not so scary by myself anymore. Meridian comes with me sometimes, but due to classes getting booked up and life hasn't made it for the past few weeks and is now off to USA for remainder of April.

Last night whilst dh worked late, dd1 and I tacked her room. This took two hours, but we threw out a bag of rubbish and 3 things to charity. Dolls and Ponies now live together, Powerranges and Railways together, Fuzzy Felt, Dora and Pens together, Cars, Potato Head and Magnetic numbers too. The result was the girls went to bed at 8 instead of 7, not that this mattered as dd2 excelled herself and stayed awake till 9.55 when dh walked through the door, another daddy's girl in the making me thinks. So with dd2 rattling to herself upstairs, I sat downstairs re sewing rips and tears in LRP kit for

Today I put the shirt box into the wash before I left for work, with instructions to my Mum, who is kid sitting to get it in the dryer and load another batch, so I have more to crack on with tonight/tomorrow. I've also been out and purchased black dye for the 15 assorted hats, Dave kindly picked up from Primark for us to convert. Which reminds me I need to link to Dave's blog if he has one?

So you can see my life has been a bundle of excitement so far this week (oh how I hate the fact that blogger won't let me use exclamation marks)