Friday, 29 February 2008

A wobbly night

So the Earthquake was funny the other night eh? well I thought it was, mainly due to dh's reaction when I told him what was happening, in our house it went like this.

I wake up to the bed doing an impression of a cakewalk (horrible lurch in your tummy when you're lying down) I yell 'Earthquake'
Dh leaps out of bed, ninja style, lands in attack pose, yelling 'what's going on, what's happening?'
I say 'Earthquake'
dh says, 'no theres not?'
Then a pile of stuff falls of the shelf..........
dh 'something must have happened then'
me 'yes, an Earthquake'!
dd1 then says 'mummy what was that, I want a drink' so off I go to sort that out....
dd2 slept through the whole thing :-o

5.2 on the richter scale apparently.

My American friend down the road, slept through the whole thing, either her house is better build, or californians are just used to these things!

Tuesday, 26 February 2008


Hello, just a random post, as not been on here much of late, gah!
Mainly busy with running the shop as dh and I did a dismantle and re assemble last week, to fit in new stock and also the Yugioh players for last Sundays Hobby League Meet.
When I've not been running the shop with dh I've been looking after the kids, so let me think what have we been doing.......

Oh yes! we went to Butlins last Wednesday for the day with the Grandparents. We all had a lovely time! Butlins have upped their game, with new squishy sofas and decent coffee appearing (finally) even had some nice cake too, but enough of the food, what did we do all day? The kids saw the puppet show, which they always love, then it was around to the animal show, where they got to handle spiders, iguanas, rabbits, snakes etc if they wanted to, the dd's didn't particularly, so after 15 mins we left in favour of the arcade!! half an hour later and Grandad's 2p stash was at an all time low, much to dd2's disgust, as she really just likes putting 2ps into slots it we headed off for a swim.

Both the girls love swimming, today was no exception, with a new found love from both of them, for slides! I'm thought dd2 nearly drowned at one point, when she came down a fairly big slide into a bigger pool and went right under, but no, she bobbed up with her mouth shut and a big grin on her face :-) In fact she ended up putting some bigger boys to shame, who were being a bit scared on the slides, she had a few competative dad's shouting, come on son, if that little girl can do it, you can! lol.....

After 2 hours in the pool, we went for lunch, found out we'd missed fireman sam, but never mind as Project Build it with Bob was on shortly, which both the girls loved, dd2 for the giant Bob in front of her, and dd1 for the colouring and sticking she could do, our budding Artist that she is! We continued the day with fairground rides and soft play, oh and air hockey!! what more could we want eh?!

Monday, 18 February 2008

Afternoon off!

I've just had a whole afternoon off to my lovely self :-)
It doesn't always take much to make me happy honest!
Have managed to drag Meridian around to ours for lunch, I made Veg soup, which we consumed with Stilton Bread, purchased in Bakewell yesterday.

We then headed over to Belper and Fresh Basil for some coffee and cake (I had Spiced Appley, Meridian Victoria Sponge). Managed to do a little bit of writing whilst we were in there too, both of us studiously pottering away in our notebooks, sociable friends eh!
Pootled to the bra shop, whilst Meridian did beads. 2 new bras later, we sauntered up the road and got dd1 a new pair of pj's £4 in the sale, which I now have to take back, as got home and found they'd left the bloomin tag on them, sigh.

Meridian then took me to a lovely shop that consisted of about 3 houses knocked together, full of lovely furniture and things you can buy, sigh. Still at least I know where our next set of coffee tables are coming from, possibly also the next bed and cabinets too, hmmmmmm now to start saving!

We topped the afternoon off with a trip to the cinema , this time work related, to leave flyers and see if they would like us to advertise with them, they asked me to email as busy! so I shall do that tomorrow. Oh and of course we squeezed in a quick iced latte at Fresh Ground too, ooooh I am rotten to my waist line......I'm now considering not going to the gym tonight too, as my head is starting to thump again.....and I have double class tomorrow night......hmmmmmmm

Friday, 15 February 2008


Had a lovely Valentines surprise off dh today, two books to read! he's gotten them, as I'm having a reading spree at the moment, prefering this to watching the pap that is arriving via the airwaves onto the tv. The only thing worth watching is Ashes to Ashes (the 80's version of Life on Mars) So they're now on my reading pile, awaiting my attention, as I've just started the Time Travellers Wife at present. I also got two cards! how sweet, one had a lovely pic of a coffee on the front, with a love heart coco'd onto it, bless, probably better than me drinking another Latte, as I seem to be getting through rather to many of late, I must cut back! I got him chocolates, seeing as he eats a ton of them, thought I'd keep him going!

Meridian was lovely and brought me some fantastic cupcakes too, follow the link to her blog page at the side of this to see them and get the recipe, yummy!

Dd1 is pretty much fixed, after a visit from the mending fairy, who left her £1.00 to leave her sling off overnight, so after two days, of limp armedness by her side, dd1 finally managed to use it! and thus she's created for me a lovely love heart for valentines day. She made herself a crown covered in hearts too, bless, what a cutie!

DD2 on the other hand is being a pita.....last night she got up at 4am, came in yelling mummy, daddy, bright as a button, climbed into bed and proceeded to kick us both till we got up and put her back to her own bed, sigh. (dd1 had also woken at 2.30am for some nurofen for slight arm pain, and a drink, sigh, so not turning out to be a good night, especially when valentines wine had been consumed, mainly by me earlier, as dh got tired and went to bed) So dh and I spent the best part of half an hour putting dd2 repeatedly back into her own bed, whilst she yelled, mummmys bed, mummys room, sigh.......still she's nearly two, so once we get that out the way, she'll be a reasonable 3 year old, sigh.......roll on 3!

The shop has a Warhammer 40k participation tomorrow, courtesy of Richard and Jock, I might be meeting Carol for lunch, if she can make it, then we have a kids party tomorrow afternoon 4-6 so that takes care of tea! and on Sunday we're meeting friends at Bakewell, so the kids will hopefully have a ball? praying for good weather, as there is a good park there. So resonably busy weekend ahead. Hope everyone reading this has a good one.

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Afternoon in Casualty anyone?

Get a call at about 15:00, dd1 is injured, nursery think she’s broken her wrist…..argh! panic! can you come and take her to hospital, arghhhh nooooooo I do not need this, and no doubt nor does dd1….. Dh is in York working for weekend, I’m in the shop, eeeeeekkkkk, luckily Meridian had just popped in baring coffee!
‘Meridian, please can you look after the shop, whilst I get dd1 from nursery, as she appears to have broken her arm’ phew, luckily Meridian agrees. Finish dealing with customer. Phone local hospital, who say, don’t bother going to Derby, bring her here, ring nursery say I’m on my way. Run all the way home to amusement of passers by and the huge que of traffic in town caused by gas maintance works. Dive in Car, get to nursery, persuade dd1 along with very patient pre school teacher that although it really hurts she can walk to car. Load into car and off to hospital.

Local hospital very good, see her straight away, provide calpol and ibuprofen, and then see if X-Ray can see dd before they close at 17:00. X-Ray say no, she’s under 5 has to go to Derby under new regulations. Nurse is not impressed by their lack of rule breaking on very tearful dd1’s part. So sling is fitted, notes provided and off we go to Derby.

DRI see us very quickly, 10/10 to their admissions in A&E for small children with poorly arms, straight through triage, X-Ray (nice lead vest for me again, lets hope I’m not accidently pregnant), which dd1 only let out the minimum two ear piercing screams during the manipulation bit and then under 10 mins later into Dr’s room. Phew dd1 doesn’t appear to have a broken elbow that they suspected, but she does have a lot of blood around the bang, which is accounting for the pain. Have a sling and drugs for a few days, says the Dr. and off home we go in under an hour, hurrah! not broken, all sorted thinks I.

Get back to town, leave girls at Meridians, whilst I go and close up shop properly (cashing up etc). Back via Sainsbo’s for Icecream treat for brave girl and chocs and flowers for my fabulous friend and her dh, who saved my bacon once again (even getting dd2 from nursery and entertaining her for me)

Have just got home and put them all to bed, just about all asleep, with dd1’s arm propped up on pillow.
Then I recieve a text from a Dr friend who says, don’t discount a fracture, they’re really hard to diagnose on the elbow, sigh, lets hope the 1st Dr was right eh!

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Snow and sickness

It's snowed, hurrah! dd2 had her nose pressed against the glass this morning, for her 1st proper look at snow. The excited look on her little face was a joy to behold. :-) Dd1 and ss we're similarly impressed and we're planning snowball fights between them, along with a mini snowman, which it will be mini, considering the amount of snow actually on the ground.

As you can see from the photo I've taken from the shop window, hardly swimming in the stuff are we! still there's a crisp covering in the garden, enough to have fun in, even if not enough to spend a whole day sledging in (unless you're up Frogget Edge)

Dh is at home with the kids today, whilst I'm at work. This is due to him being a plague victim. He's too poorly to come to work, so really must be ill, he went to bed at 7 last night and was asleep before the kids. I've asked him to supervise the girls and gabe getting wellies and coats on and to chuck them in the garden, I do hope he manages this, as he was purporting to be too ill to manage even this small task :-o He does feel rather hot, so I did make him lemsip prior to bailing out. I left SS with instructions on sandwich fillings for lunch, and where to find fruit, yoghurts and fruity/biscuity nibbles for elevenses and lunch, hopefully between the three of them , they can cobble something together, without having to bother dh too much, although dd2 will be gutted to find no babybel in the fridge, its her favourite at the moment, now she's discovered she can open them!. Dh will hopefully sit under a duvet on the sofa and get better quickly.