Friday, 29 February 2008

A wobbly night

So the Earthquake was funny the other night eh? well I thought it was, mainly due to dh's reaction when I told him what was happening, in our house it went like this.

I wake up to the bed doing an impression of a cakewalk (horrible lurch in your tummy when you're lying down) I yell 'Earthquake'
Dh leaps out of bed, ninja style, lands in attack pose, yelling 'what's going on, what's happening?'
I say 'Earthquake'
dh says, 'no theres not?'
Then a pile of stuff falls of the shelf..........
dh 'something must have happened then'
me 'yes, an Earthquake'!
dd1 then says 'mummy what was that, I want a drink' so off I go to sort that out....
dd2 slept through the whole thing :-o

5.2 on the richter scale apparently.

My American friend down the road, slept through the whole thing, either her house is better build, or californians are just used to these things!


Richard said...

Me too, slept through it. You see Dh's Larp training ie. diving out the bed ready for anything helped he could have used a latex sword to prop up the ceiling.

Meridian Ariel said...

bah was one a little rumble.. and the last one woke us up and when something like this.

the scene a 1 bedroom cottage in Heage 6 years ago.

me: "Wake up somethings happened. I think a truck crashed." quite plausable.

dh: sitting bolt upright in bed. "Its just an earthquake." then he lays back town turns over and goes to sleep.

me: "but we aren't in California any more." hmmm