Monday, 18 February 2008

Afternoon off!

I've just had a whole afternoon off to my lovely self :-)
It doesn't always take much to make me happy honest!
Have managed to drag Meridian around to ours for lunch, I made Veg soup, which we consumed with Stilton Bread, purchased in Bakewell yesterday.

We then headed over to Belper and Fresh Basil for some coffee and cake (I had Spiced Appley, Meridian Victoria Sponge). Managed to do a little bit of writing whilst we were in there too, both of us studiously pottering away in our notebooks, sociable friends eh!
Pootled to the bra shop, whilst Meridian did beads. 2 new bras later, we sauntered up the road and got dd1 a new pair of pj's £4 in the sale, which I now have to take back, as got home and found they'd left the bloomin tag on them, sigh.

Meridian then took me to a lovely shop that consisted of about 3 houses knocked together, full of lovely furniture and things you can buy, sigh. Still at least I know where our next set of coffee tables are coming from, possibly also the next bed and cabinets too, hmmmmmm now to start saving!

We topped the afternoon off with a trip to the cinema , this time work related, to leave flyers and see if they would like us to advertise with them, they asked me to email as busy! so I shall do that tomorrow. Oh and of course we squeezed in a quick iced latte at Fresh Ground too, ooooh I am rotten to my waist line......I'm now considering not going to the gym tonight too, as my head is starting to thump again.....and I have double class tomorrow night......hmmmmmmm


Richard said...

One day I will get to Belper Cinema, I've heard good things.

Meridian Ariel said...

you make it sound as if we have such lovely glam lives! It was a lovely outing though. Thanks once again for lunch!