Friday, 15 February 2008


Had a lovely Valentines surprise off dh today, two books to read! he's gotten them, as I'm having a reading spree at the moment, prefering this to watching the pap that is arriving via the airwaves onto the tv. The only thing worth watching is Ashes to Ashes (the 80's version of Life on Mars) So they're now on my reading pile, awaiting my attention, as I've just started the Time Travellers Wife at present. I also got two cards! how sweet, one had a lovely pic of a coffee on the front, with a love heart coco'd onto it, bless, probably better than me drinking another Latte, as I seem to be getting through rather to many of late, I must cut back! I got him chocolates, seeing as he eats a ton of them, thought I'd keep him going!

Meridian was lovely and brought me some fantastic cupcakes too, follow the link to her blog page at the side of this to see them and get the recipe, yummy!

Dd1 is pretty much fixed, after a visit from the mending fairy, who left her £1.00 to leave her sling off overnight, so after two days, of limp armedness by her side, dd1 finally managed to use it! and thus she's created for me a lovely love heart for valentines day. She made herself a crown covered in hearts too, bless, what a cutie!

DD2 on the other hand is being a pita.....last night she got up at 4am, came in yelling mummy, daddy, bright as a button, climbed into bed and proceeded to kick us both till we got up and put her back to her own bed, sigh. (dd1 had also woken at 2.30am for some nurofen for slight arm pain, and a drink, sigh, so not turning out to be a good night, especially when valentines wine had been consumed, mainly by me earlier, as dh got tired and went to bed) So dh and I spent the best part of half an hour putting dd2 repeatedly back into her own bed, whilst she yelled, mummmys bed, mummys room, sigh.......still she's nearly two, so once we get that out the way, she'll be a reasonable 3 year old, sigh.......roll on 3!

The shop has a Warhammer 40k participation tomorrow, courtesy of Richard and Jock, I might be meeting Carol for lunch, if she can make it, then we have a kids party tomorrow afternoon 4-6 so that takes care of tea! and on Sunday we're meeting friends at Bakewell, so the kids will hopefully have a ball? praying for good weather, as there is a good park there. So resonably busy weekend ahead. Hope everyone reading this has a good one.

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