Saturday, 2 February 2008

Snow and sickness

It's snowed, hurrah! dd2 had her nose pressed against the glass this morning, for her 1st proper look at snow. The excited look on her little face was a joy to behold. :-) Dd1 and ss we're similarly impressed and we're planning snowball fights between them, along with a mini snowman, which it will be mini, considering the amount of snow actually on the ground.

As you can see from the photo I've taken from the shop window, hardly swimming in the stuff are we! still there's a crisp covering in the garden, enough to have fun in, even if not enough to spend a whole day sledging in (unless you're up Frogget Edge)

Dh is at home with the kids today, whilst I'm at work. This is due to him being a plague victim. He's too poorly to come to work, so really must be ill, he went to bed at 7 last night and was asleep before the kids. I've asked him to supervise the girls and gabe getting wellies and coats on and to chuck them in the garden, I do hope he manages this, as he was purporting to be too ill to manage even this small task :-o He does feel rather hot, so I did make him lemsip prior to bailing out. I left SS with instructions on sandwich fillings for lunch, and where to find fruit, yoghurts and fruity/biscuity nibbles for elevenses and lunch, hopefully between the three of them , they can cobble something together, without having to bother dh too much, although dd2 will be gutted to find no babybel in the fridge, its her favourite at the moment, now she's discovered she can open them!. Dh will hopefully sit under a duvet on the sofa and get better quickly.


Meridian Ariel said...

*LOL* I bet by the end of the day he will wish he went to the shop instead of staying home!

Richard said...

I spoke Dh apparently he's dying, but will hopefully crawl into the shop tomorrow.