Thursday, 27 December 2007

Belated Xmas

A Belated Merry Xmas to all!

It was fun, we played a game! caught up with an old friend, J! and of ourse L and S, and the family too :-)
We ate far too much, and the kids enjoyed their myriad of presents and still are in fact ( a miricle surely)
and now its back to work again.....
Still it was nice to have my dh at home for the only two days this year, and in fact no doubt, unless we get on the holiday we have reserved (which is looking more unlikely) the only two whole days we'll see each other together until next Xmas.....I think we're going to have to get staff for the shop you know.....

Friday, 21 December 2007

It's ok

Panic not folkes, I'm not falling apart after least I'm not certifiable anyway ;-)

I have 3 different types of excema, and 3 creams now, one for each area!
One lot for eyelids! (do not ask, I have no idea what's going on)
another for my symbolic side, with more again for my hands, sigh....still have to say its good stuff, my hands rapidly improved within 24 hours, hurrah!!

Gota dash as busy with work, ahem...

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Plague of sorts

I appear to have plague of sorts.....dr's at 9.30 to find out their next rough guess!

A few weeks ago, I developed a horrible rash after putting on a garment, unwashed, straight from the store (you may remember?) This left me with a lovely rash, which I went to dr's with, got Timodene and it cleared up.

Forward roughly one week, and my left hand developed a weirdy thing on two fingers, which started to spread to three, this time I got Anti B's for 5 days and some hardcore Caneston to stop a fungal infection. This has just about cleared up, but isn't quite gone.

In the meantime, late sunday/early yesterday I developed itchy eyes.....its down to one eye this am, on the lids on the outside and now this morning I have a crescent shaped rash on my side??? am I a religious symbol, or do I have plague??? I also have a few spots on insides of wrists.....which all the kids at nursery have had......

I think I'm slowly falling apart!!!!

Sure I'm not contagious????? mind you, oh yes, there's a blob selection I've neglected to mention! I went to a friends on Sunday and she has the same two blobs that I have on my chest (near where your bra goes) top of armpits type place, and has been told its fungal, and given cream.........(this is where I got my 1st reaction after the fabric incident) oh heck..... this is the last thing we all need.......

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

The Start of a Phase

I've been looking through Meridians blog and am thinking she's doing a wonderful job of keeping it upto date and very nice looking, unlike my sorry excuse for one here.....

Mind you she's a damn sight more crafty and arty than I am, so that explains things. I think the most arty I've gotten today is putting up some Christmas lights outside the front of the house. They had the desired effect for dd1, who went oooooh look mummy are those our lights, followed by why aren't they flashing and LED Blue like our neighbours......I informed her ours are tasteful dahlink, nice white star lights (may get around to photoing a string and eventually downloading to jazz my blog up!)

Still the shop blog is getting more notice from me at the moment, although even that's only had one update in the last week. Mainly due to the fact its been busy, hurrah! and dh has been in there mainly by himself this week, as I wrestle with the year end accounts. A horrible experience, which is nearly over, bar a few credit card statements I could do with.

I also attempted the xmas shopping with Meridian yesterday and she did a fine job of assisting me, balancing my parcels, when I got overloaded and feeding us both coffee in the right places!

As you can tell I'm starting to get sorted for Xmas.....I've done quite a few cards tonight! and no doubt more wrapping tomorrow, did the kids stuff Monday night. Tree on Friday I think, so we can all attempt to decorate it after I finish work, and dd has done her concert for her dad ( who has been chosen to go over myself! even dd2 got to see the dress rehersal today, I will be watching the video, sob)

Managed to get my hair done yesterday too, so good run at the week, all in all, so far!

Attempted Hula Aerobics tonight, which was fun, in a probably bruised tomorrow way. I managed to be the person most hated in the room, by launching my hoop, not once, but twice at another girl in the room.....eeekkk.....luckily she was a mate of a mate, so hopefully took my apologies in good faith.....either that or I may have lost the mate who took her there to be battered by me, but I think not, as they both stayed around for a quick chat afterwards, whilst I grovelled some more. Made the mistake of exercising next to the woman who takes tomorrows aerobics class, who said pointedly 'you are coming tomorrow too aren't you?' so now I kinda feel I have too.....ah what the hell, I may even discover some stomach muscles in there somewhere!