Monday, 26 November 2007

Where's that gone then?

I seem to have run out of creative thought today.
I'm supposed to be writing a press release for the shop, about last weekends Grand Opening, for the local free press. I've done 3 posts for the shop blog ok today, loads of orders, put more bits of the slat wall together, schmoosed the dhl guy and sweet talked a fair few customers, but what I've still not managed to do it write this damn release. I just can't seem to get the right angle on it that they want....which is that of a rare comic angle....hurumph, ya know when what ever you write, just doesn't sound right?
I think I'll give it a rest for an hour or two, try again tomorrow am maybe, when I'm 'fresh' again!

Saturday, 17 November 2007


Just grabbing a few secs and thinking how tired I actually am! yawn!
Its just gone to lull time in the shop. 2-3 usually goes quiet, I guess whilst people grab lunch and stuff? can't wait for someone to get here so I can go to the loo though! my dad is supposed to be popping over, what with Andy and the rest of the LARP group running around the woods at Shining Cliff but so far he's not here......they've alledgdly taken the girls to Bakewell this am, so probably still there?
dd2 was being clingy stroppy this am in a whingy way, Gareth, who is staying over due to LARP, was laughing about my attempted walking around the kitchen with her stuck to my leg....small children eh! no particular reason that I could see, bar me heading for work shortly afterwards. I guess I'm being missed.

We've got a girls night in at my friends on Thursday, but I'm still waiting to see if anyone wants me to bring/cook anything? hopeing someone may read this and let me know?? girls??

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Pustules and Trade

I've not posted for a week or so, as have been busy doing nothing, or so it seems to be. Work is mainly taking up the day time, with stocking the shop and keeping customers happy, whilst trying to update the shop blog, access from and liasion between printers to finally get our flyers and vouchers printed, which hopefully as I left it today, they have finally gone to print! Fingers x'd nothing messes up and they'll be available next week.
I seem to have also got myself invited onto the New Ripley Chamber of Trade comittee as well? I managed this feat by turning up to a random meeting about a month ago, to discuss the Christmas light switch on. It appears the retailers of Ripley were so happy for someone else to join them (does that give you an idea of how many bothered retailers there are out there) that they jumped at the chance of recruiting me, and thus at very short notice yesterday (someone came into the shop at midday and said meeting at 17.30!) I ended up at the new inaugral meeting of the new Chamber of Trade! a quick re arrange of childcare with dh later and there I was, sat in Clarkes Dept Store Coffee Shop after closing, with my fellow bothered retailers and a nice glass of wine! Thanks for that! I got to voice my concern, along with the manager of Wilkos, and two other retailers from our street about the need for another Zebra Crossing, so you never know, our pleas may be heard at a higher level? either that or filed in the bin.....hmmmm.....still hopefully if we campaign and get more people attending, Ripley town centre may get the boosts it needs.

Dd2 is a bit poorly this week, temp and 'orrible cough, boooooo I'm going to skip her swimming lesson tomorrow because of this, oh yeah and the fact I have horendous pustulant fingers. Seems I have something like infected and in fact there she is crying now, so I'd better go see to her. I have drugs from dr, plus cream for my skin, so nice.....

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Party Party

Which is what we've all been doing since last Thursday, dd1's 4th birthday. Where did that time go?
dd1 is now a very happy bunny, having been in receipt of two ton of presents.
Her best friend, although absent in USA brought her a fabulous Dora dressing up kit, which she loves, although grandma looks very funny in the wig :-)
We got her a computer learning game, her first in Dora pink, with a Dora game, so happy bunny all round.
dd2 got dd1's 'baby' a new cot and ss got her a nintendog.
Dh managed to close the shop for two hours, and thankfully Richard was in the shop when I rang him in a dh had gone to work, leaving my car trapped on the driveway, which I only noticed just before I was supposed to be picking him up!! not wanting dd1 to be late for her own party, Richard kindly brought him home asap for me. Much thanks honey!

Planet Happy was the party venue. That and a gallon more presents on Sunday with her friends has made her ecstatic. With the Yellow Power Ranger currently taking pride of place from that batch of presents, although the new colouring kit and cards are also being favoured nicely too :-)

Later on party Sunday, we were all back at the same play centre again, as one of dd1's friends also had her party there! This time it was private hire, so mainly the other girls large family and a few of her nursery friends. I finally discovered who the 'other' Aimee mummy, Big Aimee, mummy, was, it's one of the nursery nurses, lol. Who also happens to be related to the other child whose party it was, which is why she was there. Took a bit of explaining to dd1, who'd also asked to have some other teachers at her party, but I'd refused!

DD2 has been loving the influx of presents, the best so far being dd1's new rollerskates from Grandma.....she's been whizzing around the carpet on them, whilst dd1 is still clinging onto the nearest available adult, nothing physical seems to phasing dd2, must be that youngest competative streak!