Saturday, 17 November 2007


Just grabbing a few secs and thinking how tired I actually am! yawn!
Its just gone to lull time in the shop. 2-3 usually goes quiet, I guess whilst people grab lunch and stuff? can't wait for someone to get here so I can go to the loo though! my dad is supposed to be popping over, what with Andy and the rest of the LARP group running around the woods at Shining Cliff but so far he's not here......they've alledgdly taken the girls to Bakewell this am, so probably still there?
dd2 was being clingy stroppy this am in a whingy way, Gareth, who is staying over due to LARP, was laughing about my attempted walking around the kitchen with her stuck to my leg....small children eh! no particular reason that I could see, bar me heading for work shortly afterwards. I guess I'm being missed.

We've got a girls night in at my friends on Thursday, but I'm still waiting to see if anyone wants me to bring/cook anything? hopeing someone may read this and let me know?? girls??

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