Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Pustules and Trade

I've not posted for a week or so, as have been busy doing nothing, or so it seems to be. Work is mainly taking up the day time, with stocking the shop and keeping customers happy, whilst trying to update the shop blog, access from www.chimeraccg.co.uk and liasion between printers to finally get our flyers and vouchers printed, which hopefully as I left it today, they have finally gone to print! Fingers x'd nothing messes up and they'll be available next week.
I seem to have also got myself invited onto the New Ripley Chamber of Trade comittee as well? I managed this feat by turning up to a random meeting about a month ago, to discuss the Christmas light switch on. It appears the retailers of Ripley were so happy for someone else to join them (does that give you an idea of how many bothered retailers there are out there) that they jumped at the chance of recruiting me, and thus at very short notice yesterday (someone came into the shop at midday and said meeting at 17.30!) I ended up at the new inaugral meeting of the new Chamber of Trade! a quick re arrange of childcare with dh later and there I was, sat in Clarkes Dept Store Coffee Shop after closing, with my fellow bothered retailers and a nice glass of wine! Thanks for that! I got to voice my concern, along with the manager of Wilkos, and two other retailers from our street about the need for another Zebra Crossing, so you never know, our pleas may be heard at a higher level? either that or filed in the bin.....hmmmm.....still hopefully if we campaign and get more people attending, Ripley town centre may get the boosts it needs.

Dd2 is a bit poorly this week, temp and 'orrible cough, boooooo I'm going to skip her swimming lesson tomorrow because of this, oh yeah and the fact I have horendous pustulant fingers. Seems I have something like infected excema.boo and in fact there she is crying now, so I'd better go see to her. I have drugs from dr, plus cream for my skin, so nice.....

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Richard said...

So do we call you the Honorable Mrs Midland Midlife of the Ripley Chamber of Trade?