Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Party Party

Which is what we've all been doing since last Thursday, dd1's 4th birthday. Where did that time go?
dd1 is now a very happy bunny, having been in receipt of two ton of presents.
Her best friend, although absent in USA brought her a fabulous Dora dressing up kit, which she loves, although grandma looks very funny in the wig :-)
We got her a computer learning game, her first in Dora pink, with a Dora game, so happy bunny all round.
dd2 got dd1's 'baby' a new cot and ss got her a nintendog.
Dh managed to close the shop for two hours, and thankfully Richard was in the shop when I rang him in a panic.....as dh had gone to work, leaving my car trapped on the driveway, which I only noticed just before I was supposed to be picking him up!! not wanting dd1 to be late for her own party, Richard kindly brought him home asap for me. Much thanks honey!

Planet Happy was the party venue. That and a gallon more presents on Sunday with her friends has made her ecstatic. With the Yellow Power Ranger currently taking pride of place from that batch of presents, although the new colouring kit and cards are also being favoured nicely too :-)

Later on party Sunday, we were all back at the same play centre again, as one of dd1's friends also had her party there! This time it was private hire, so mainly the other girls large family and a few of her nursery friends. I finally discovered who the 'other' Aimee mummy, Big Aimee, mummy, was, it's one of the nursery nurses, lol. Who also happens to be related to the other child whose party it was, which is why she was there. Took a bit of explaining to dd1, who'd also asked to have some other teachers at her party, but I'd refused!

DD2 has been loving the influx of presents, the best so far being dd1's new rollerskates from Grandma.....she's been whizzing around the carpet on them, whilst dd1 is still clinging onto the nearest available adult, nothing physical seems to phasing dd2, must be that youngest competative streak!

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Meridian Ariel said...

I'm glad DD1 had a good birthday, H is very sorry to have missed it and misses her terribly. flying back home on monday so not much longer to go. see you soon with goodies in tow.