Monday, 24 August 2009

Tis the season....

Tis the season to purchase new PJ's is what I say! well it wasn't exactly what I went out for initially, but you know, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do right?

My day started ominously enough, with tummy ache, so I ignored the fact I'd pledged to my fattening tummy that I really would attend body combat today and instead accepted a cup of Earl Grey tea in bed, which promptly went cold as dh let me sleep for another hour, 9am wake up bliss! but I have kids, so cold tea is really not a problem, kinda the usual really (Mondays in case you hadn't guessed are a day off work here, and with the kids being off school an excuse not to shift!) I eventually surfaced, fed the kids and dunked and de loused them. (Yes folk's! we're a nit free house once again, stage 2 treatment complete 'salutes the air', well until summer club tomorrow again anyway, when I swear I will kill someone if dd1 brings them home again.....)
then I promptly left dh with the kids, as he'd kindly offered to 'look after them' whilst I went to meet my old friend Sue for lunch and a natter.

Obviously when girls get together, we can rattle on a bit, which we duly did whilst working our way around several home stores (including Ikea and Starbucks twice!) as we both needed a few ideas and bits of storage stuff, then it all kind of went awry when we just popped into Next for a look around and I remembered I needed some tights (its nearly autumn right) and then I saw some lovely new slippers, and well the PJ's next to them did match, so......gah! I brought them....after all the nights are drawing in and it was kinda cold last night, so surely I can't begrudge myself new PJ's eh? I did stop short of buying the hoodie top to go with them, I figured I may let myself have that later in the year, when it gets truly freezing......the good news is I didn't buy any actual clothes from there, as the only top I liked looked horrible on!

I get home to the ominous sound of dh exclaiming 'what have you been doing down here!'
'ah' thinks I before opening the door, classic absent parenting must have been going on whilst I was away (the sort that involves an X-Box for the man and the house and contents for the kids) ....I didn't stay long, just long enough to admire the mess, the kids in swimsuits? and a harassed dh, whilst saying 'I'll go to Sainsburys to get something for tea then dear' whilst he looked disgruntled.

When I got back again, the place was tidy with grovelling kids :-) So I coerced them into baking a lemon cake with me, which might yet be a drizzle icing one, as we've not gotten that far yet, because its still baking. I've even rustled up some chicken and Mediterranean vegetables now ready to cook for tea, not sure what's come over me? its the most domesticated I've been in weeks! maybe its the seasons running two weeks early (according to the BBC) is making me go all Autumnal and nesty now?