Monday, 31 March 2008

Driving around a bit

We've been bobbing about in the car this weekend. The girls and I.
Saturday am we picked up Meridian and her ds. We headed over to Litchfield for a lovely day out. Upon arrival, Meridan took us to a coffee shop she'd discovered, which did HUGE mugs of Latte, fab. Unfortunatley they were still doing the breakfast menu, as we'd opted to early lunch the kids prior to attempting anything else, but that was ok, we had muffins, with eggs, bacon and sausage (in varying degrees) and croissants to tidy our group over.
We then pootled around town, dodging the rain that had decided to plague us, with an amusing pit stop in Costa Coffee, where I mistakenly gave dd2 about 2 inches of dd1's milkshake in an open cup with a straw. Dd1 took her new spotty summer plimsoles off, and dd2 whilst fidgiting, dropped her milkshake directly into one of them......luckily I saw the funny side, as did the barista, who helped clear up. Meridian bless her, ran upstairs with the shoe and rinsed it out and blow dried it quickly for us.
We them mooched around town, picking up bits of stuff here and there, meringues and lettuce from M&S, with Percy Pig sweets for the kids, 3 more dress/skirt things for dd1 in the Sale at Adams and a HUGE Toadstool playhouse in a charity sale at ELC, which Meridian decided I should have for the kids to play in at Candleston, and being a sucker I agreed :-)

The bead shop was the next stop, with Meridian getting an assortment of goodies to craft with, so then I dragged everyone next door and got two new balls of wool, which I'm unsure what I'm doing with yet, but time will tell! I've been into the knit shop next to our shop today to get myself a crochet book (I'm trying Julie) but they were all out, so are ordering one in soon, so that hook you left me, may get some use yet. Which reminds me, I must get some dye for those hats tomorrow and continue washing the rest of the kit soon.

Our day was completed by a stop off at the American Diner, nachos and curly fries to share.
Lovely day out, thanks for suggesting it Meridian.

Sunday was lovely too! We headed to Grans, in the Trent Valley out towards Newark, gorgeous day, we walked down the river to feed the ducks, managed to prevent dd2 from falling in, by holding her firmly around the waist, as she has no idea of water = danger what so ever. Then we headed to the park, where she demonstarted her wanting to work for a circus tendencies, by attempting to slide then walk, then thought better of it, down the slide, my heart was out of my mouth by that point.....the other mothers must think I'm very lax, as I was sitting on a bench chatting to my mum when she did that, but what can you do, when your daughter is so obviously meant to be in the circus?

Friday, 28 March 2008

I Got Tagged

Meridian's tagged me with the 4 things tag, so here goes:

4 Jobs:

Barista (although that was before the days of Starbucks) I worked on an Italian Bar Cafe, in Nottinghams Victoria Centre Market as a Saturday job, then during college holidays too, paid for my 1st motor bike that way.

Barstaff: Filly n Firkin

Office Manager: Alternative Armies, that was a fun job! lots of European Travel and Trade Shows, as well as the office stuff during the week.

Supervisor: UPS, Package Centre Supervisor, with a chain of jobs on the way up there.

4 Favourite Movies:

The Life of Brian, its so funny 'he's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy'

Star Wars (the original) Cause its a classic.

Nikita: Do I see myself as an ass kicking French Assasin?

XXX, I like a bit of Vin Diesel and its funny too. Shallow I know.

4 Places I've been:

Tilburg, NL: Stayed at Jos and Nicholes house with Mac, when we did a games convention in Eindhoven. Both nice towns, lots of schnapps and herring as I recall.

Essen in Germany, again games convention time! Lots more schnapps and sausage this time. Oh and scary woman shouting Kartoffle Salat at me, in an effort to make me speak German when ordering our stands food for the 3rd day running :-)

New York: When Liz was living in New Jersey, I spent a lot of time rambling around the streets of New York, fab town, very at home there, would happily move in an instant!

Las Vegas: Viva baby, Andy and I got married there, awwww, Happy Memories. 1st time there was with Sue though, courtesy of a Grey Hound bus, I'd had enough by the time we got there, and ordered a car on credit for the rest of our USA trek.

4 Places I've Lived:

Lowdham, Nottinghamshire: Born there.

Burton Joyce, Nottinghamshire: Brought up there.

Fairy Towers, Nottingham: My girly batchelor pad, frequented by lodgers and Sofa Dwellers (who got charged rent too)

Ripley, Derbyshire: My husband brought a house here, and I lost the coin toss on where we'd live. I keep planning our escape, but so far have been thewarted.

4 Favourite TV Shows:

Dexter: Its on late, so I generally manage to catch it, its kooky.

Dr Who: Surely its on everyones list?

Ashes to Ashes: Gene Genie need I say more?

The Fixer: Something Andy and I usually manage to watch together on a monday, its quiet well written.

4 Favourite Radio Shows:

Scott Mills: Radio 1: He's been my late night show, when he did early breakfast and I did lates. My driving home show, when he did breakfast and I did nights. Currently he's my Drivetime show again, he was lots funnier when he could get away with more on the very early morning show, but I like his humour all the same.

Chris Moyles: Radio 1: He's grown on me, as Andy likes having him on.

That's it, I don't listen to much radio.

4 Favourite Foods

Chicken Saag, mmmmmmm chicken and spinich curry.

Thai Green Curry: Chicken and coconut, mmmmmmmmmmm

Chocolate, that's a food stuff surely.

Strawberries, in season best, but yummy.

4 Places I'd Rather Be:

Having a good girly weekend, involving a good hotel, good food and good wine, with great company of my friends. (trouble is I have many assorted friends, so couldn't put them all in the same place at once, it'd be disaster)

At a lovley hotel in the Lakes, that Andy and I go to every couple of years for our anniversary.

Enjoying quiet time in a good book shop, with coffee, there was a great one where Liz lived in Montclair NJ for just such a thing.

On holiday somewhere warm, I'm longing for a proper summer this year.

So that's it, I guess I'd better tag somepeople then

Julie, Richard, Flame, Liz, you've been tagged!

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

2 Day Holiday

Had a novel few days. Dh and I had our 1st two days off together since Christmas. So with the three kids in tow, we've been having a fun few days.
Easter Sunday we did nothing, and it was bliss. Well ok, not quite it had snowed overnight, I chucked the kids into the back garden, just before it melted as it goes! so a very small snowman got made. Later we ventured out to the swimming pool, over the road, and the dd's enjoyed showing off their jumping in skills to their dad, whilst dd1 even managed to show him, how much she can swim on her back by herself too :-)
Meridian, her dh and ds came over for tea, so I made Roast Beef, Yorkshire Puds and lots of nice veg, including swede, which I can only get away with, when there are other guests, as dh hates it and the girls aren't keen either, but I keep trying.
Meridian brought her rocket road with her (and left some too, its yummy) and she also brought easter muffins, with orange icing chosen by her ds and little eggs on top, the dd's think these are great.

Monday, we tootled out to Bakewell, as we rarely get to go out together due to one of us constantly working all the time, I insisted dh do this just once for the year. Dd1 spent her Easter money from gran on a new bangle and two pegs? (they have flowers on them) Dd2 was tired and crabby, so didn't buy anything or do much, but she did manage to behave for lunch at the Treeline Gallery, so all was not lost. I picked up some Homity Pie from Bloomers at Bakewell, a Fab little Deli that I frequent when in the area. I was sad to note that they were sold out of Stilton Bread though, but you can't have everything. As the snow worsened, dh insisted we go home, 10 mins outside of Bakewell no snow obviously.
We got home and played Carnival Games on the Wii, which dh had treated us to for easter, later that night dh and I played Resident Evil The Umbrealla Chronicles, our Zombie killing fix, which we needed, after watching Richards Zombie movie from the night before Planet Terror, what a laugh.
Shame we have to wait until Christmas to get a weekend together again.....or will we manage a summer holiday? tba.

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Is lent over then?

Has lent finished yet? was the enquiry of one of my dinner guests on Thursday night, as she eyed up the chocolates, she'd brought round to have with coffee. I think the rest of us were tempted to say no, but it was agreed, as she'd brought them round, she really ought to have one!

Due to the diet factor on Thursday as well, I made Ratatouille, which I figured is veg, so diet worthy. It would also suit any vegetarian guests, although our resident Vegi, couldn't make it this time, due to Easter weekend going away commitments. I also did plain chicken breasts and pasta to complement, with Parmesan as an optional extra.
Meridian took care of starter, lovely organic bread, olives, dipping oil of her own design and a cheesy dip, courtesy of M&S Foods, yummy. We chucked in a few random tortilla chips, just for the mix factor as well. S, provided desert, on behalf of L, whose poorly child kept her away too. So that was Mulled Plum and Almond Pudding, with Custard, again all supplied by M&S and lovely they were too. I'd been due to host dinner for a while, but with the dining chairs taking a while to repair, it had taken me longer than it should, so we just managed to squeeze this girly meet up in, before Meridian heads back to the USA for the whole of April. So it'll be May before I see anyone again by the looks of it.

Eeek, have just looked out the window and seen the snow, brrrrrrr, shiver.

The kids have enjoyed today. Mainly due to the free chocolate Easter eggs and free Easter biscuits being handed out at the garden centre, where we met my folk's for lunch. I did buy some biscuits as felt guilty at the amount my kids we're eating. I know, sucker eh! My mother, kindly brought me a door mat too, as the one outside our back patio door, is a bit shoddy. So I now have a nice new rubber one, replacing it. Will take a photo when its not snowing!

So have a happy Easter everyone. If it carries on like this we may get some sledging done soon!

Monday, 17 March 2008

Packet Pasta

That's what they brought with them! Packet Pasta, I ask ya ...........
We ate lovely fahitas, whilst dh gloated :-)
I did nice fruit for pudding though, strawbs and rasps, which they could eat, with meringues for us (they are 3 sins apparently!) I vaguely remember they're a point on Weight Watchers, so you can tell which diet I prefer!
Dd2 got a lovely new pushchair from them for her birthday (the pushchair is for her dollies), its a Mamas and Pappas toy one, raincover and three position seat. Better than dd2's own real one, ahem.....
Had to lend SIL my slippers, as poor lass was freezing, due to our boiler having died again on Friday, sigh. We had the fire on full blast, and it wasn't cold like today is (I have dug Meridians electric heaters, which we loaned last time, out of our loft today) So we're all toasty now. We were toasty too yesterday, just SIL is nesh, by her own admission.

I'm doing dinner on Thursday for the girls. Well I'm hosting, one is doing drinks, another pud, Meridian is starter and I'm main! Had a txt today asking what I'm cooking, as guess what, another person on a Slimming World diet, I ask ya..........

Wednesday, 12 March 2008


In particular, why is my BIL/SIL weird! yes, I'm being cheeky and talking about Andys brother and his wife, who are both lovely, but I txt'd them to say, what food would you like this weekend? and they texted back to say, don't worry we're bringing our own!! I replied, 'own? you can't go bringing your own, I can cook slimming world, its ok folkes' They replied don't worry we're doing really well and will bring our own, WTF??? how very odd?
Anyway I'm doing fahitas for us, which fit in nicely with slimming world, so if they only bring a lettuce leaf, I shall sit there and gloat! vanity, schmanity says I.

Friday, 7 March 2008

Monday and everything after

Monday night we (Meridian and two other friends) went to the Ritz cinema at belper, as previously blogged by myself, to see Sweeny Todd, which for a muscial was damn good, well it was Johnny Depp, Helena BC and with Tim Burton direction you really couldn't go wrong, could you? Fabulous dahling, more please! The cinema itself is great too, we were in the standard seats, which at 5.25 (or was it 5.75) anyway lets not quibble, they were great, room enough for another person to walk in front of you, without you having to move. Huge area for your drink or food, which was also great, choice of beer, wine, coffee, cakes, olives, huge yorkshire crisps!!! (its the make ok) icecream, what ever you wanted really. I had lemon and limegrass Belvior Presse thing, that Meridian went and got for me, as she was accompanying our other friend to peruse the choice. Am having visions of hiring it out for birthdays in years to come if they'll let me.

Since Monday its been a weird week. Dh has been feeling poorly, so eventually dragged himself to the Dr's who sent him for tests. It's probably nothing, but can't help being worried, and as dh has convinced himself it is something, you can imagine what he's been like to live with. To say he's stressed and taking it out on me, would be an understatement, sigh. Still he was feeling that grim yesterday, he finally agreed to take a day off and came home and went to bed, whilst my mum looked after the kids. He even let me do the late shift, unheard of, when it comes to his precious comics. Hopefully a weekends larping should chill him out a bit???

Dd2 had her actual birthday on Tuesday, we got her a trampoline, which she spent the next half hour on before we dragged her off to nursery, she loves jumping and yelling 'bounce, bounce'

One Ray of light was my friend Sue popping over to see me Wednesday evening. We had a good natter and catch up over Thai Green Curry, which I love, but which Andy will never eat. He did eat it at Meridians the other week, so I though my luck had changed, but apparently he was being might think his health scare would change his eating habits from cheese and carbs with a bit of meat thrown in, but I wouldn't hold your breath. Vegetable anyone?

Monday, 3 March 2008

Mothers Day/Birthday Party

What a weekend, rather busy to say the least.
Saturday was spent cleaning the house up and ploughing through dh's ironing (don't ask), then we went for dinner with Richard, Dave and Sam, who had been playing the Ascendancy Wargamew at the shop during the day. I think eveyone enjoyed dinner, though to be honest I spent more time fielding the kids than anything, but I got fed and didn't have to cook so all good.
Got home and started on dd2's birthday cake. Put it in the oven, started the washing up, then realised that a bit of the palet knife was broken off, so threw the whole cake away and the knife. Sigh. Headed to Sainsburys to get more margarine for the cake as didn't have enough for another one, whilst there, got a funny tummy and had to run for the loo......came home and continued in this manner so went to bed.

Sunday, thankfully I was feeling better. dd2 woke up at 6am scared by the howling winds, so snuggled with us. Dh got fed up at 6.30ish and took her downstairs, even though she was being no trouble. 7am dd1 woke me with her card she made at nursery :-) at 7.30 all the kids piled in with dh, brandishing the following:
dd1 Cuddly Hippo (I hope this is not a slight on my weight?)
dd2 A new mug and coaster
ss A bottle of wine, bless him, what a fab present :-) for your evil stepmother eh!
They then left me alone till 8.30, when I had to get up for breakfast that dh had made, which was yummy eggs and bacon with croissant.

Dh and ss went to work, so after the girls used me as a 'girls world' for half an hour, I extracted myself and had a shower. Then we made the cake, played whilst it cooled, then iced it and managed to create a passable peppa pig on the top, which I will download to the blog, when I eventually get my phone sorted out by Meridians other half!

The rest of the day went by in a blur of sandwich making, and party setting out :-) which dd1 did a stunning job of helping with.
DD2 enjoyed the whole of her party, as I hope did her friends, I have never seen her look so happy at all the wonderful presents she got :-) I think she was particularly impressed by SS's nightgarden jigsaw and Meridians Peppa Pig bottle, pj's and socks with beaded braclet :-) although ss, also got her a peppa pig that honks, which she took to bed with her last night :-)