Wednesday, 12 March 2008


In particular, why is my BIL/SIL weird! yes, I'm being cheeky and talking about Andys brother and his wife, who are both lovely, but I txt'd them to say, what food would you like this weekend? and they texted back to say, don't worry we're bringing our own!! I replied, 'own? you can't go bringing your own, I can cook slimming world, its ok folkes' They replied don't worry we're doing really well and will bring our own, WTF??? how very odd?
Anyway I'm doing fahitas for us, which fit in nicely with slimming world, so if they only bring a lettuce leaf, I shall sit there and gloat! vanity, schmanity says I.


Richard said...

Yes thats weird, it must be a very rigid diet plan they follow or you must have cooked burnt lettuce and lard last time they visited.

Meridian Ariel said...

that is very wierd.. and to be honest its a bit rude as well to bring your own food when you are going to somones house for dinner. very odd.