Tuesday, 25 March 2008

2 Day Holiday

Had a novel few days. Dh and I had our 1st two days off together since Christmas. So with the three kids in tow, we've been having a fun few days.
Easter Sunday we did nothing, and it was bliss. Well ok, not quite nothing.....as it had snowed overnight, I chucked the kids into the back garden, just before it melted as it goes! so a very small snowman got made. Later we ventured out to the swimming pool, over the road, and the dd's enjoyed showing off their jumping in skills to their dad, whilst dd1 even managed to show him, how much she can swim on her back by herself too :-)
Meridian, her dh and ds came over for tea, so I made Roast Beef, Yorkshire Puds and lots of nice veg, including swede, which I can only get away with, when there are other guests, as dh hates it and the girls aren't keen either, but I keep trying.
Meridian brought her rocket road with her (and left some too, its yummy) and she also brought easter muffins, with orange icing chosen by her ds and little eggs on top, the dd's think these are great.

Monday, we tootled out to Bakewell, as we rarely get to go out together due to one of us constantly working all the time, I insisted dh do this just once for the year. Dd1 spent her Easter money from gran on a new bangle and two pegs? (they have flowers on them) Dd2 was tired and crabby, so didn't buy anything or do much, but she did manage to behave for lunch at the Treeline Gallery http://www.artandcraftgallery.co.uk/, so all was not lost. I picked up some Homity Pie from Bloomers at Bakewell,http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homity_pie a Fab little Deli that I frequent when in the area. I was sad to note that they were sold out of Stilton Bread though, but you can't have everything. As the snow worsened, dh insisted we go home, 10 mins outside of Bakewell no snow obviously.
We got home and played Carnival Games on the Wii, which dh had treated us to for easter, later that night dh and I played Resident Evil The Umbrealla Chronicles, our Zombie killing fix, which we needed, after watching Richards Zombie movie from the night before Planet Terror, what a laugh.
Shame we have to wait until Christmas to get a weekend together again.....or will we manage a summer holiday? tba.


Julie said...

Had to click the link to find out what a 'Homity Pie' was, and having read the wiki entry, it sounds tasty :)

Sounds like you packed a lot into your two days off together. Here's hoping you get some more time off before Christmas!

Richard said...

Glad you liked Planet Terror, not a horror movie fan myself, but I like a good mickey take movie.

I do hope you will manage some sort of break together. (ps sorry I'm not volunteering to look after the shop)

Meridian Ariel said...

I have a good recipe for homity pie on my blog somewhere.

Planet Terror was good, I watched it with my dad the last visit to idaho, and the other one too.

have tagged you with a meme one my blog. :oP