Monday, 3 March 2008

Mothers Day/Birthday Party

What a weekend, rather busy to say the least.
Saturday was spent cleaning the house up and ploughing through dh's ironing (don't ask), then we went for dinner with Richard, Dave and Sam, who had been playing the Ascendancy Wargamew at the shop during the day. I think eveyone enjoyed dinner, though to be honest I spent more time fielding the kids than anything, but I got fed and didn't have to cook so all good.
Got home and started on dd2's birthday cake. Put it in the oven, started the washing up, then realised that a bit of the palet knife was broken off, so threw the whole cake away and the knife. Sigh. Headed to Sainsburys to get more margarine for the cake as didn't have enough for another one, whilst there, got a funny tummy and had to run for the loo......came home and continued in this manner so went to bed.

Sunday, thankfully I was feeling better. dd2 woke up at 6am scared by the howling winds, so snuggled with us. Dh got fed up at 6.30ish and took her downstairs, even though she was being no trouble. 7am dd1 woke me with her card she made at nursery :-) at 7.30 all the kids piled in with dh, brandishing the following:
dd1 Cuddly Hippo (I hope this is not a slight on my weight?)
dd2 A new mug and coaster
ss A bottle of wine, bless him, what a fab present :-) for your evil stepmother eh!
They then left me alone till 8.30, when I had to get up for breakfast that dh had made, which was yummy eggs and bacon with croissant.

Dh and ss went to work, so after the girls used me as a 'girls world' for half an hour, I extracted myself and had a shower. Then we made the cake, played whilst it cooled, then iced it and managed to create a passable peppa pig on the top, which I will download to the blog, when I eventually get my phone sorted out by Meridians other half!

The rest of the day went by in a blur of sandwich making, and party setting out :-) which dd1 did a stunning job of helping with.
DD2 enjoyed the whole of her party, as I hope did her friends, I have never seen her look so happy at all the wonderful presents she got :-) I think she was particularly impressed by SS's nightgarden jigsaw and Meridians Peppa Pig bottle, pj's and socks with beaded braclet :-) although ss, also got her a peppa pig that honks, which she took to bed with her last night :-)


Julie said...

Glad to hear you were feeling better by Sunday morning, Dave said you were a bit quieter than usual on Saturday night so I was wondering if you were OK.

Mothers Day and dd2's birthday all rolled into one sounds a tad hectic, although it sounds as if everything worked out OK in the end!

Richard said...

You threw a homemade cake away, should have saved it I would have risked a pallet knife.