Friday, 7 March 2008

Monday and everything after

Monday night we (Meridian and two other friends) went to the Ritz cinema at belper, as previously blogged by myself, to see Sweeny Todd, which for a muscial was damn good, well it was Johnny Depp, Helena BC and with Tim Burton direction you really couldn't go wrong, could you? Fabulous dahling, more please! The cinema itself is great too, we were in the standard seats, which at 5.25 (or was it 5.75) anyway lets not quibble, they were great, room enough for another person to walk in front of you, without you having to move. Huge area for your drink or food, which was also great, choice of beer, wine, coffee, cakes, olives, huge yorkshire crisps!!! (its the make ok) icecream, what ever you wanted really. I had lemon and limegrass Belvior Presse thing, that Meridian went and got for me, as she was accompanying our other friend to peruse the choice. Am having visions of hiring it out for birthdays in years to come if they'll let me.

Since Monday its been a weird week. Dh has been feeling poorly, so eventually dragged himself to the Dr's who sent him for tests. It's probably nothing, but can't help being worried, and as dh has convinced himself it is something, you can imagine what he's been like to live with. To say he's stressed and taking it out on me, would be an understatement, sigh. Still he was feeling that grim yesterday, he finally agreed to take a day off and came home and went to bed, whilst my mum looked after the kids. He even let me do the late shift, unheard of, when it comes to his precious comics. Hopefully a weekends larping should chill him out a bit???

Dd2 had her actual birthday on Tuesday, we got her a trampoline, which she spent the next half hour on before we dragged her off to nursery, she loves jumping and yelling 'bounce, bounce'

One Ray of light was my friend Sue popping over to see me Wednesday evening. We had a good natter and catch up over Thai Green Curry, which I love, but which Andy will never eat. He did eat it at Meridians the other week, so I though my luck had changed, but apparently he was being might think his health scare would change his eating habits from cheese and carbs with a bit of meat thrown in, but I wouldn't hold your breath. Vegetable anyone?

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Meridian Ariel said...

oops sorry didn't know he didn't like thai green curry.. its not really very curry it's not like indian curries which i'm not too keen on myself.