Saturday, 22 March 2008

Is lent over then?

Has lent finished yet? was the enquiry of one of my dinner guests on Thursday night, as she eyed up the chocolates, she'd brought round to have with coffee. I think the rest of us were tempted to say no, but it was agreed, as she'd brought them round, she really ought to have one!

Due to the diet factor on Thursday as well, I made Ratatouille, which I figured is veg, so diet worthy. It would also suit any vegetarian guests, although our resident Vegi, couldn't make it this time, due to Easter weekend going away commitments. I also did plain chicken breasts and pasta to complement, with Parmesan as an optional extra.
Meridian took care of starter, lovely organic bread, olives, dipping oil of her own design and a cheesy dip, courtesy of M&S Foods, yummy. We chucked in a few random tortilla chips, just for the mix factor as well. S, provided desert, on behalf of L, whose poorly child kept her away too. So that was Mulled Plum and Almond Pudding, with Custard, again all supplied by M&S and lovely they were too. I'd been due to host dinner for a while, but with the dining chairs taking a while to repair, it had taken me longer than it should, so we just managed to squeeze this girly meet up in, before Meridian heads back to the USA for the whole of April. So it'll be May before I see anyone again by the looks of it.

Eeek, have just looked out the window and seen the snow, brrrrrrr, shiver.

The kids have enjoyed today. Mainly due to the free chocolate Easter eggs and free Easter biscuits being handed out at the garden centre, where we met my folk's for lunch. I did buy some biscuits as felt guilty at the amount my kids we're eating. I know, sucker eh! My mother, kindly brought me a door mat too, as the one outside our back patio door, is a bit shoddy. So I now have a nice new rubber one, replacing it. Will take a photo when its not snowing!

So have a happy Easter everyone. If it carries on like this we may get some sledging done soon!

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