Monday, 31 March 2008

Driving around a bit

We've been bobbing about in the car this weekend. The girls and I.
Saturday am we picked up Meridian and her ds. We headed over to Litchfield for a lovely day out. Upon arrival, Meridan took us to a coffee shop she'd discovered, which did HUGE mugs of Latte, fab. Unfortunatley they were still doing the breakfast menu, as we'd opted to early lunch the kids prior to attempting anything else, but that was ok, we had muffins, with eggs, bacon and sausage (in varying degrees) and croissants to tidy our group over.
We then pootled around town, dodging the rain that had decided to plague us, with an amusing pit stop in Costa Coffee, where I mistakenly gave dd2 about 2 inches of dd1's milkshake in an open cup with a straw. Dd1 took her new spotty summer plimsoles off, and dd2 whilst fidgiting, dropped her milkshake directly into one of them......luckily I saw the funny side, as did the barista, who helped clear up. Meridian bless her, ran upstairs with the shoe and rinsed it out and blow dried it quickly for us.
We them mooched around town, picking up bits of stuff here and there, meringues and lettuce from M&S, with Percy Pig sweets for the kids, 3 more dress/skirt things for dd1 in the Sale at Adams and a HUGE Toadstool playhouse in a charity sale at ELC, which Meridian decided I should have for the kids to play in at Candleston, and being a sucker I agreed :-)

The bead shop was the next stop, with Meridian getting an assortment of goodies to craft with, so then I dragged everyone next door and got two new balls of wool, which I'm unsure what I'm doing with yet, but time will tell! I've been into the knit shop next to our shop today to get myself a crochet book (I'm trying Julie) but they were all out, so are ordering one in soon, so that hook you left me, may get some use yet. Which reminds me, I must get some dye for those hats tomorrow and continue washing the rest of the kit soon.

Our day was completed by a stop off at the American Diner, nachos and curly fries to share.
Lovely day out, thanks for suggesting it Meridian.

Sunday was lovely too! We headed to Grans, in the Trent Valley out towards Newark, gorgeous day, we walked down the river to feed the ducks, managed to prevent dd2 from falling in, by holding her firmly around the waist, as she has no idea of water = danger what so ever. Then we headed to the park, where she demonstarted her wanting to work for a circus tendencies, by attempting to slide then walk, then thought better of it, down the slide, my heart was out of my mouth by that point.....the other mothers must think I'm very lax, as I was sitting on a bench chatting to my mum when she did that, but what can you do, when your daughter is so obviously meant to be in the circus?


Julie said...

I recommend going to a large bookshop such as Borders if you want to find a good crochet book.

Not all books are equal and you need to find one that has lots of instructions, with pictures as well as descriptions and has a selection of patterns for things you would like to actually make. Borders are usually good because they have a good selection so you can browse properly.

Sounds like you all had a fine time over the weekend. I haven't been into Lichfield myself, other than to visit Dave's sister, but you make it sound worth a look. :)

Richard said...

Never been to Lichfield, it the place Jock and Bridgette always wanted to move to, so it must have something.

Frizbe said...

Borders, not available round here! Oh how I wish for a Borders (and the accompanying Starbucks, nearest one is Leicester at mo)

Frizbe said...

Go its lovely!

David said...

Lichfield is my home city, I grew up there and one of my sisters still lives in one of the suburbs. Jules and I go up there once or twice a year to visit her, though Jules has yet to see the town centre or any of the other sights.