Thursday, 3 April 2008

Random things

This week I've mainly been doing a few random things.......

Monday night I went to aerobics, but ended up doing Tai Geri, as aerobics teacher off sick. Tai Geri can best be described as aerobic boxing, which was a refreshing change from the aerobics routine, as Mondays teacher likes to stick with what we all know. This is probably a good thing, as otherwise we all end up going the wrong way, Muppets that we are.

Tuesday night I managed Hula class followed by Pilate's, both of which are doing wonders for my fitness and I'm slowly getting to know other members of the class who go on their own too, so its not so scary by myself anymore. Meridian comes with me sometimes, but due to classes getting booked up and life hasn't made it for the past few weeks and is now off to USA for remainder of April.

Last night whilst dh worked late, dd1 and I tacked her room. This took two hours, but we threw out a bag of rubbish and 3 things to charity. Dolls and Ponies now live together, Powerranges and Railways together, Fuzzy Felt, Dora and Pens together, Cars, Potato Head and Magnetic numbers too. The result was the girls went to bed at 8 instead of 7, not that this mattered as dd2 excelled herself and stayed awake till 9.55 when dh walked through the door, another daddy's girl in the making me thinks. So with dd2 rattling to herself upstairs, I sat downstairs re sewing rips and tears in LRP kit for

Today I put the shirt box into the wash before I left for work, with instructions to my Mum, who is kid sitting to get it in the dryer and load another batch, so I have more to crack on with tonight/tomorrow. I've also been out and purchased black dye for the 15 assorted hats, Dave kindly picked up from Primark for us to convert. Which reminds me I need to link to Dave's blog if he has one?

So you can see my life has been a bundle of excitement so far this week (oh how I hate the fact that blogger won't let me use exclamation marks)

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Julie said...

Dave doesn't have a blog as of yet, so I'm afraid there is nothing to link to. He does lurk though and having found my blog uses it to jump to everyone elses. So be careful what you say - he has ears everywhere! ;)