Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Kit, kit, oh the washing of kit

The weekend went in a whirl.

Saturday, I worked all day, www.chimeraccg.co.uk, as the girls voted to see dh, as he's away with ds all next weekend, larping www.ascendancylrp.co.uk if you want to see what they're doing. Sunday was a pleasant resting day, with coffee at Starbucks, here at McArthur Glen http://www.eastmidlandsdesigneroutlet.com/consumer.asp
with Mike and Carol. It was here that dd2 attempted to kill herself again. Firstly by coming fact first down the cargo netting in the play area.....secondly by just jumping at the fireman's pole and missing, thus landing face first on the floor, which luckily was bouncy. I definitely have a two year old with no fear. I also know the play area said 3-12 only, but you try telling a two year old they can't go on it, especially one as willful as dd2. A small cry later and she was happy and having another go at it all, I do wish she'd listen, when either I or her sister tell her not to do something.
Sunday afternoon, Chris and Louise popped round with Freddie, their little one, its the 1st time we've seen him, and at 7mths old, he's quite big now and a lovely little chap. He sat happily on our floor, playing with some blocks, whilst the dd's negotiated their way around him. Once dh left work, we all met Richard http://richtea-xl5.blogspot.com/ at the pub for dinner and three hours passed in a flash, a good evening had by all. I even remembered to feed Meridians cats on the way home as she's gone Stateside for a visit to her folkes.

The beginning of this week has so far seen me mainly feeding cats, washing lrp kit and doing the accounts (yawn) The crew kit, is now finished, the last lot in the dryer as I type. I just have two things to attempt to sew up, a horribly ripped and heavily padded waistcoat and a robe. I have binned dh's favourite waistcoat, as he's ripped it top to bottom and being leather is a sod to fix, and as I don't have a machine, or any leather needles, I've declared it beyond repair (it might encourage him to get me a machine at some point!)

This evening I have also been left exhausted by aerobics followed by pilates......it was supposed to be Hula, but due to teacher being awol, and lack of replacement being found it turned into aerobics, much to all our shock and horror. The annoying thing was, in our class was another aerobics teacher, who had turned down the chance to do the class, as she didn't feel confident enough at hula, so when she had to do aerobics under another teacher, who was effectively taking the cash she could have had, had she chosen to wing it, you can imagine how annoyed that made her, and us on her behalf too. She's promised to wing it for us next time! Pilates has finished me off, so I'm going to head for my latest book now. Wintersmith by Terry Pratchett, if anyone fancies a good read? Hat's to dye tomorrow night....might tell you about it then.

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Richard said...

I can't think which waistcoat you have declared beyond repair, but looking after crew kit is major task with the likes of Nathan using waistcoats as trousers :S