Monday, 14 April 2008


Took ss home to Leeds this morning, (dropped him off at school) then carried on my merry way to York to meet Amanda for a swapping of Tardis Miniature Boxes for monies and a few Lattes on the way :-)

I arrived about 9.30 and took a mooch around a largely still unopen town, I guess they don't open till 10 cause of the tourists? so stay open later? I'd managed to park just outside the wall in Longstay for £4, which turned out to be a bargin, as across town, someone attempted to charge Amanda £10. Surprisingly she told them to stuff it, which sounds great in that geordie lit of hers.

Town only just opening I dived into WHSmiths and got myself a small journal to write in and headed for Starbucks. There I was presented with two drinks, when I'd ordered one, so got some money back off them (I'd ordered toast too and wasn't paying much attention to price, as not used to getting up at 6am) and there I waited for Amanda who was stuck beind a tractor, to get to the meantime I met a stressed out woman with a young son, whom I waved the spare seat at, boy did she need a coffee, turned out she was moving to Germany in three weeks and getting married in six (if you're reading this by random chance I hope it all goes well for you)

Amanda arrived in due course having wrestled with the carparking situation and several slow drivers and tractors and we pootled about York all day in a merry way. I attempted to look for some new trainers or shoes, but York is quite pricy for this, so I popped into McArthur Glen when I got home (didn't have time for York's one today) and got myself some new trainers, as my old ones have been falling apart rapidly, I will not be buying that brand again. So a lovely day of window shopping, bar a sleeping bag I brought for dd2, as now she's a big girl, she'll need her own for camping this year Oh and of course the brownies I got for tea and the kids cookies from Betties!

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Richard said...

I kept Andy busy for a few hours yesterday, although he claimed his brain died over the weekend, so kept reading strange texts about shoes out to me.