Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Attempted colouration

Well tonight I attempted to dye all the hats that Dave acquired for larp from Primark.
This was my first attempt at dyeing something.

As soon as I read the instructions inside the dye pack, as opposed to the ones on the outside, it became clear that this was not going to be possible. So I gave them all a quick wash as perscribed anyway, just to see what state they were really in. I chose the four lightest coloured hats to attempt to dye (by seeing what would fit in the sink when squished down) One hour later and they were ready, they're drying at the moment, but I think we may have a spot of spotting on the top of two of them, wondering if it can be covered by pinning into a shape (tri-corn for instance) if I need to dye them again?
The kitchen table is covered in drying hats, as is the drying rack in the kitchen and in the hall. The dyed hats are drying on the utility floor, as I figured, it doesn't matter if any of the washed off dye ends up on the floor, as its being replaced eventually.

I've also sewn up two costumes tonight, so have been fairly productive all in all.


Julie said...

If you just have a couple of spots to dye, try using fabric paint, fabric pens or just plain old acrylic paint (watered down a little so it soaks in). You should be able to dab it on, just touching up the bits where the dye hasn't taken, let it dry, add another layer and so on.

For future ref, if you're trying to decorate fabric, acrylic based paint (mixed with water) will soak into wool or cotton, staining it permanently and once dry it doesn't wash out, although a washing machine may persuade it to fade a bit. Which means its a cheaper and faster alternative if you just want to put some motifs or patterns onto costume.

Or dab some colour onto white hats that you've just dyed into something a little less, er, angelic. ;)

Good luck and I'm looking forward to seeing the results.

Richard said...

I've found GamesWorkshop inks are good as well and also don't run once dried, well at least in the small amounts I've used them on fabric.

Frizbe said...

Thanks Guys, I'll try and sort them again after this event, tho andy says he likes them as they are? one is a bit too spotty for me!