Friday, 28 March 2008

I Got Tagged

Meridian's tagged me with the 4 things tag, so here goes:

4 Jobs:

Barista (although that was before the days of Starbucks) I worked on an Italian Bar Cafe, in Nottinghams Victoria Centre Market as a Saturday job, then during college holidays too, paid for my 1st motor bike that way.

Barstaff: Filly n Firkin

Office Manager: Alternative Armies, that was a fun job! lots of European Travel and Trade Shows, as well as the office stuff during the week.

Supervisor: UPS, Package Centre Supervisor, with a chain of jobs on the way up there.

4 Favourite Movies:

The Life of Brian, its so funny 'he's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy'

Star Wars (the original) Cause its a classic.

Nikita: Do I see myself as an ass kicking French Assasin?

XXX, I like a bit of Vin Diesel and its funny too. Shallow I know.

4 Places I've been:

Tilburg, NL: Stayed at Jos and Nicholes house with Mac, when we did a games convention in Eindhoven. Both nice towns, lots of schnapps and herring as I recall.

Essen in Germany, again games convention time! Lots more schnapps and sausage this time. Oh and scary woman shouting Kartoffle Salat at me, in an effort to make me speak German when ordering our stands food for the 3rd day running :-)

New York: When Liz was living in New Jersey, I spent a lot of time rambling around the streets of New York, fab town, very at home there, would happily move in an instant!

Las Vegas: Viva baby, Andy and I got married there, awwww, Happy Memories. 1st time there was with Sue though, courtesy of a Grey Hound bus, I'd had enough by the time we got there, and ordered a car on credit for the rest of our USA trek.

4 Places I've Lived:

Lowdham, Nottinghamshire: Born there.

Burton Joyce, Nottinghamshire: Brought up there.

Fairy Towers, Nottingham: My girly batchelor pad, frequented by lodgers and Sofa Dwellers (who got charged rent too)

Ripley, Derbyshire: My husband brought a house here, and I lost the coin toss on where we'd live. I keep planning our escape, but so far have been thewarted.

4 Favourite TV Shows:

Dexter: Its on late, so I generally manage to catch it, its kooky.

Dr Who: Surely its on everyones list?

Ashes to Ashes: Gene Genie need I say more?

The Fixer: Something Andy and I usually manage to watch together on a monday, its quiet well written.

4 Favourite Radio Shows:

Scott Mills: Radio 1: He's been my late night show, when he did early breakfast and I did lates. My driving home show, when he did breakfast and I did nights. Currently he's my Drivetime show again, he was lots funnier when he could get away with more on the very early morning show, but I like his humour all the same.

Chris Moyles: Radio 1: He's grown on me, as Andy likes having him on.

That's it, I don't listen to much radio.

4 Favourite Foods

Chicken Saag, mmmmmmm chicken and spinich curry.

Thai Green Curry: Chicken and coconut, mmmmmmmmmmm

Chocolate, that's a food stuff surely.

Strawberries, in season best, but yummy.

4 Places I'd Rather Be:

Having a good girly weekend, involving a good hotel, good food and good wine, with great company of my friends. (trouble is I have many assorted friends, so couldn't put them all in the same place at once, it'd be disaster)

At a lovley hotel in the Lakes, that Andy and I go to every couple of years for our anniversary.

Enjoying quiet time in a good book shop, with coffee, there was a great one where Liz lived in Montclair NJ for just such a thing.

On holiday somewhere warm, I'm longing for a proper summer this year.

So that's it, I guess I'd better tag somepeople then

Julie, Richard, Flame, Liz, you've been tagged!

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