Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Plague of sorts

I appear to have plague of sorts.....dr's at 9.30 to find out their next rough guess!

A few weeks ago, I developed a horrible rash after putting on a garment, unwashed, straight from the store (you may remember?) This left me with a lovely rash, which I went to dr's with, got Timodene and it cleared up.

Forward roughly one week, and my left hand developed a weirdy thing on two fingers, which started to spread to three, this time I got Anti B's for 5 days and some hardcore Caneston to stop a fungal infection. This has just about cleared up, but isn't quite gone.

In the meantime, late sunday/early yesterday I developed itchy eyes.....its down to one eye this am, on the lids on the outside and now this morning I have a crescent shaped rash on my side??? am I a religious symbol, or do I have plague??? I also have a few spots on insides of wrists.....which all the kids at nursery have had......

I think I'm slowly falling apart!!!!

Sure I'm not contagious????? mind you, oh yes, there's a blob selection I've neglected to mention! I went to a friends on Sunday and she has the same two blobs that I have on my chest (near where your bra goes) top of armpits type place, and has been told its fungal, and given cream.........(this is where I got my 1st reaction after the fabric incident) oh heck..... this is the last thing we all need.......

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Richard said...

Holds two pencil crossed in your direction.
This doesn't sound good