Sunday, 10 February 2008

Afternoon in Casualty anyone?

Get a call at about 15:00, dd1 is injured, nursery think she’s broken her wrist…..argh! panic! can you come and take her to hospital, arghhhh nooooooo I do not need this, and no doubt nor does dd1….. Dh is in York working for weekend, I’m in the shop, eeeeeekkkkk, luckily Meridian had just popped in baring coffee!
‘Meridian, please can you look after the shop, whilst I get dd1 from nursery, as she appears to have broken her arm’ phew, luckily Meridian agrees. Finish dealing with customer. Phone local hospital, who say, don’t bother going to Derby, bring her here, ring nursery say I’m on my way. Run all the way home to amusement of passers by and the huge que of traffic in town caused by gas maintance works. Dive in Car, get to nursery, persuade dd1 along with very patient pre school teacher that although it really hurts she can walk to car. Load into car and off to hospital.

Local hospital very good, see her straight away, provide calpol and ibuprofen, and then see if X-Ray can see dd before they close at 17:00. X-Ray say no, she’s under 5 has to go to Derby under new regulations. Nurse is not impressed by their lack of rule breaking on very tearful dd1’s part. So sling is fitted, notes provided and off we go to Derby.

DRI see us very quickly, 10/10 to their admissions in A&E for small children with poorly arms, straight through triage, X-Ray (nice lead vest for me again, lets hope I’m not accidently pregnant), which dd1 only let out the minimum two ear piercing screams during the manipulation bit and then under 10 mins later into Dr’s room. Phew dd1 doesn’t appear to have a broken elbow that they suspected, but she does have a lot of blood around the bang, which is accounting for the pain. Have a sling and drugs for a few days, says the Dr. and off home we go in under an hour, hurrah! not broken, all sorted thinks I.

Get back to town, leave girls at Meridians, whilst I go and close up shop properly (cashing up etc). Back via Sainsbo’s for Icecream treat for brave girl and chocs and flowers for my fabulous friend and her dh, who saved my bacon once again (even getting dd2 from nursery and entertaining her for me)

Have just got home and put them all to bed, just about all asleep, with dd1’s arm propped up on pillow.
Then I recieve a text from a Dr friend who says, don’t discount a fracture, they’re really hard to diagnose on the elbow, sigh, lets hope the 1st Dr was right eh!


Julie said...

Eeep! Sounds like that was a close call with DD1's arm. Dave mentioned it when he came home, so I was forewarned, but phew!

Fingers crossed here that the first doctor was right and she is OK.

Richard said...

Dh told us of his and your dilemma, close shop, stay, go home etc. sounds like dd1 was reasonably happy by Saturday.