Tuesday, 26 February 2008


Hello, just a random post, as not been on here much of late, gah!
Mainly busy with running the shop www.chimeraccg.co.uk as dh and I did a dismantle and re assemble last week, to fit in new stock and also the Yugioh players for last Sundays Hobby League Meet.
When I've not been running the shop with dh I've been looking after the kids, so let me think what have we been doing.......

Oh yes! we went to Butlins last Wednesday for the day with the Grandparents. We all had a lovely time! Butlins have upped their game, with new squishy sofas and decent coffee appearing (finally) even had some nice cake too, but enough of the food, what did we do all day? The kids saw the puppet show, which they always love, then it was around to the animal show, where they got to handle spiders, iguanas, rabbits, snakes etc if they wanted to, the dd's didn't particularly, so after 15 mins we left in favour of the arcade!! half an hour later and Grandad's 2p stash was at an all time low, much to dd2's disgust, as she really just likes putting 2ps into slots it appears......hmmm.......so we headed off for a swim.

Both the girls love swimming, today was no exception, with a new found love from both of them, for slides! I'm thought dd2 nearly drowned at one point, when she came down a fairly big slide into a bigger pool and went right under, but no, she bobbed up with her mouth shut and a big grin on her face :-) In fact she ended up putting some bigger boys to shame, who were being a bit scared on the slides, she had a few competative dad's shouting, come on son, if that little girl can do it, you can! lol.....

After 2 hours in the pool, we went for lunch, found out we'd missed fireman sam, but never mind as Project Build it with Bob was on shortly, which both the girls loved, dd2 for the giant Bob in front of her, and dd1 for the colouring and sticking she could do, our budding Artist that she is! We continued the day with fairground rides and soft play, oh and air hockey!! what more could we want eh?!

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Julie said...

It sounds like the children had a whale of a time. :)

Hope you had fun too!