Saturday, 28 April 2007

I'm Back

Whew, I'm back from an exhausting week of sitting by the pool with the kids. As anyone who has kids, will know, a week by the pool, actually means a week either a) in the pool with them, preventing drowing, b) a week chasing them around the pool preventing drowning, c) a week fishing them out of the pool having nearly drowned, which only happened once with dd1, and we discovered she actually could swim for long enough to shout 'help' twice at dh, who'd just left her on the steps on her own and turned his back for a second. Ahem.

I did actually get a few seconds by myself/with dh this hols too, eternal thanks to my mum and dad, for taking the kids to the kiddy club for a whole hour, two days on the trot. I used this time wisely and read a book! yep, I actually did it. For the first time since I gave birth to dd2, I actually started and finished a book. This surely must mean she's growing up and I finally am starting to get time to myself, hurrah!

So what else did we do, hmmmmm, lets see, I ate a lot. Half board, 3 course breakfasts and dinners........gym required for my post holiday belly again me thinks? before I get harpooned preferably. I danced the silly crocodile dance with my kids every night for a week. I drank lots of cappuccinos and a few cold Budweisers, lurvely. Oh and I debated with dh, whether the guy who looked like Matt Damon, with his pregnant wife (they had the rings) by the pool, was in fact Matt Damon in disguise? guess we'll never know, but it sure looked and sounded like him to me.

More later folkes, don't wish to waste my whole saturday night with dh on here!!

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