Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Early Valentines

Have made some bits for the valentines window display tonight, whilst bbsitting for Meridians ds, so we now have three stuffed hearts to sit next to/ontop of product and a few strings on dangling hearts, in felt on ribbon, though I fear I may need to play with pipe cleaners to, thus ensuring there is no flop, on the top!
The window cleaner is due tomorrow morning at 10.30, as the inside of the windows needs cleaning too, we need to get it stripped out by then, so what better time to put in the Valentines display eh!
Now to find something for dh.....


Richard said...

I have this strange image of your horror teddy bears with exploding love hearts.

ps Asda's got its Easter egg displey up already how about having killer easter egg bunnies.

Frizbe said...

Bunnies with Fangs, hmm like it ;-)