Tuesday, 29 January 2008


Tuesday was mainly filled with Accounts and sorting Ascendancy www.ascendancylrp.co.uk Stat Sheets out since the last event for our players. I even managed to get the bookings upto date, hurrah!!

This evening I skipped collecting the kids from nursery and doing the bedtime battle, dh did the honours instead. I in the mean time attended the Ripley Town Council Forum, for us local businesses, www.chimeraccg.co.uk which I missed the conclusion on, as I had to leg it for Hula Aerobics.

The gist of the Forum tonight was, the church has purchased the old police station and will be demolishing it and building a new facility, the vicar looked very happy.

There will be grants available for those who own their shops to get new windows, doors, lights, heating, insulation and shop fronts soon, hurrah if the landlord can be persuaded.

More grants will be available to the council to bring the area back to life/keep it tidy, so long as they/we get a business plan sorted out.

There appears to be a lack of police presence, so they're going to be chased up.

Can we close Church Street/Oxford street for next years Friday lights switch on.

There will also be a recycling trial for business' paper and cardboard. Fine for those with room for a bin I pointed out, several of us however have no where to put a bin.......

We need to get a Ripley site going on facebook, this will be done at the next meeting too!! (turns out the church is technologically enabled)

There was also talk of a summer fete.....
oooh and there was a lady there with her partner, who is are opening a lovely new organic cosmetic shop by end of April on Oxford Street!

Anyway....I then legged it to Hula Aerobics or Hula jit Su, as Richard would have me call it :-)
I managed to not attack anyone tonight with my hoop, a sure sign things are getting better! and I can now walk in a circle with my hoop and spin around in it, although I'm struggling with lunges still.

So that my poor little neglected blog was my day today!

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