Saturday, 12 January 2008

Single Parent Weekend

Dh is off running one of our events in york so someone had to stay here and run the shop and look after the kids, oh what joyous fun!

The evening went well enough, the kids having only seen dh in the morning, so his presence wasn't missed too much. This morning however was entirely different. Dd2 woke me at 5am (having somehow crawled into bed with me at an earlier time? I don't know I was asleep, ahem...) with a pitiful wail of 'daddy, daddy, daddy' which carried on whilst she investigated her side of our double bed, the en-suite, the hall, her bedroom, dd2's bedroom (waking her up in the process) and the bathroom and ss's room. She ended back up resentfully at my side of the bed, still yelling daddy, a whole half hour later, during which dd2 and I had been saying from our respective beds, 'Daddys in York'. sigh, eventually after dd2 joined us in the bed, she got the idea that he wasn't coming back in a hurry......

Fast forward to 6.15 dd2 snoring again, whilst dd1 is getting herself washed and dressed (unheard of any other day!) 8.30am see's me depositing the kids at Meridians for the day, who very thoughtfully fed me pancakes on my way past too! (thank you!)
I then made my way into work, for a whole day in the shop by myself, which sees very odd these days, having gotten used to dh being there now!
Picked the little dahlings up at 5.30, Thankfully they'd behaved all day, mainly anway (phew, Meridian may well babysit again sometime!) Meridians dh kindly gave us a lift home. I then wrestled dd2 into bed (after half hour of cuddles and tv) and spent a further half hour putting her back into bed, till she got the message and fell asleep (22mth olds eh!) dd1 and I then watched Primeval, before I put her to bed, cooked myself some pasta and finally stopped doing things to goggle at Timewatch on the TV.

Same again tomorrow! this time with a change of babysitter, Grandma's turn!

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