Thursday, 17 January 2008

Suicidal child

So dd2 decides to attempt hari kari on Monday morning, whilst I'm having a wash.....I think, after some pondering that she may not have tried to climb the chest of drawers, she merely opened them all up, thus causing an overbalance of said set, which then keeled over.......the 1st I heard of it, was when the tv hit the floor. Luckily I was in the en-suite. attempting to get washed and dressed, so I span round and grabbed the corner of the drawers that we're heading onto dd2.....still not sure how the tv missed her head to be honest? anway with the corner of the bed taking a lot of weight, and the bottom two drawers taking a bit more, along with myself, dd2 managed to leg it out of the way, whilst I managed to get the drawers upright and stable again. Que dd2 looking very innocent and moi? do that? on the far side of the room, whilst I looked at the unhappy tv and mangled drawers. Still could have been worse, at least dd2 survived without a scratch on her, phew. Believe it or not, the tv is ok after having a rest too!

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Meridian Ariel said...

little monster... at least she was ok in the end and hopefully smart enough not to do it again!