Thursday, 3 January 2008

New Year Ponderings

Happy New Year to all, before I blather on at you in my usual way!
Hope everyone had an enjoyable one.
Still debating if the west coast mainline debarcle was the result of our engineering friend going to Estonia over the festive period? the news keeps saying it was cause all the engineers buggered off, but they didn't specifically refer to him in person ;-)

I've spent most of this week glued to turbolister, as we're joyously re loading stock back onto ebay.....a mammouth will be even worse when we introduce a proper website! or will it, as I guess I'm doing the bulk of the work now? hmmmmmmm

SS is being a star and is keeping his little sisters in line when he sees them, as they've been at nursery all day today, whilst we put him to work, dusting the shop and stock, which he did with mainly good humour and a few wow breaks.

The car passed its MOT which is always a joyous occasion, when it doesn't cost lots more money. However we still have the dilema of how to get dh and 3 kids into the van, including kit and tents to get to events this year, as my dad has decided to object to his childcare involvements.......making us unhappy bunnies in the far I have cobbled together a saturdays worth of childcare in Jan from Meridian and my mum is helping out on the sunday (against dads wishes) I think this is some sort of stand against dh avoiding handing in his notice, but making lots of noises about not doing much more building work........dh is as usual being evasive and hoping the problem will resolve itself without him having to say or do anything (ringing bells anyone?) Anyway the point being he knows we have to keep the shop open and can't afford staff for it at the moment, so I have to stay and keep it open at least on the we've been debating selling the van and car and seeing if we can get a large van type thing with seats for 5 people in it, plus kit and the tent you may gather, this is not going to be easy........and the 2nd hand market isn't looking cheap fact the aupair option is looking far better by the minute!! The other option is kids stay in the shop with me......trouble is dd2 is too young to do this safely.......oh the tangled web's eh? I suppose if we could get a cheap large van type thing, I could always get a cheap motorbike again and whizz to events on a bank holiday sunday/monday, surely we could close then?? ARGHHHHHHH I have no idea what will happen, but sure we'll resolve this somehow? (kids on the roofrack?)

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Richard said...

The bell rang for me, soundS like a fine mess of problems you got, but hopefully dh is right and time will sort them out.