Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Catching Up

Managed to catch up with an old friend tonight over the phone, who I've not seen since July last year, such is the state of my social life at the moment......we had a good half hours chat, before promising each other that we'll try and physically see each other next week on Monday evening. It'd be good if we finally could catch up! it's amazing how much kids do impact on your life once you have more than one of them. Babysitters become like Golddust, you can spot the tumbleweed for miles when you decide to try and find one. You have to laugh, as initially your inundated with offers of help!

But on the subject of catching up, hopefully this year will be better for it, that's two people one on Xmas Day and the other tonight, who I've managed to re aquaint myself with so far, so one a months not bad eh?

There is promise of several girls weekends away too (well one weekend and one night in Birmingham) but what with the shop and Ascendancy events, that's all I can fit in anyway without abusing dh's goodwill I reckon.

Which reminds me, I need to phone S, as she mentioned popping by this Saturday night, when L was also possibly popping over. Not heard from L though, she's on work week from hell (nights for the NHS) so will probably get in touch on Friday when she finishes. A girls gotta arrange some sort of social life of an evening, when she's left in with the kids right? other than twittering on to my virtual friends on the internet.......its a sad day when you know more people online than in person eh!

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Meridian Ariel said...

oi! I made good grinds on the intenet and one of them thurned into my husband!

and yes babysitters are few and far between.