Thursday, 17 January 2008

the rest of the week

I've just been poddling along for the remainder of the week so far. Did Hula aerobics on Tuesday night, class has been cut from an hour to 45 mins, which is a bit gutting, as sure my lardy body could do with a bit more work, but there you go. Managed normal aerobics on the monday too, which was nice!
Babysat for Meridians ds yesterday, (I still owe her another two lots from before Xmas!), did tumble tots with dd2, then swim lessons with both the kids, and then, today its been work, work and more work! On a fab note though, the van passed its mot with no work needing doing, dh and I are both in shock at this fantastic revalation, as last year it needed virtually the whole chasis welding back together, so I can only assume they did a marvelous job! hurrah, at least something is going right :-)


Meridian Ariel said...

wow I can't believe that van is still going! and you are so good about the gym.. my week has gone kaput where gym is concerned. sniffle

Richard said...

Is that van considered a sentient creature yet?

I guess then did not ban you from your hula hoop jitsu then.

Frizbe said...

not banned yet! hurrah!!

Frizbe said...

oh btw someone lassoed me with one this week, so its not just me whose crap at it!