Saturday, 19 January 2008

Domestic Bliss

Well don't fall off your perches folks, but today I experienced a rare moment of domesticity!
Things started well, I woke up feeling awake, and that doesn't happen often let me tell you. Dd2 slept in till 7am, no waking at all during the night, yay!
So we all breakfasted, then I headed for the shop to open up, managed to do the stuff I needed to do work wise, plus grab 10 mins or so on the net catching up with friends :-) and drink a latte, all before dh turned up to handover the kids.

The weather stayed nice for a refreshing change, so I dragged the whole brood to the park for an hour, then back to shop, all ok, so onwards to the Latte Lounge for lunch. The place was quiet when we got there, so the two eldest sat in the window comfy chairs, whilst dd2 and I had a table, but it got busy, so Judith and Becks joined us when they popped by for their lunch, which dd1 got suddenly intrigued by and wanted to join us too.....we had a nice chat and catch up, before we left them in peace.

SS stayed at the shop to play 40k with Richard, Jock and an assortment of others, so the girls and I headed to Clarkes to pick up my sale bargain wool cardie, that had been fixed (the button holes were coming loose) we mooched home via coop, and then ate sultana and lemon pancakes whilst waiting for dd2 to wake up. We then headed to the fabric shop at Heage, which was a revelation in the home furnishing dept. I now have the fabric details for the stuff I want on our dining room chairs, now I have to see if the chap who I agreed a quote with will do the work with someone elses fabric, if he won't, he's not got the job! simple really :-) The fabric is lovely stuff, Gold on Gold flower pattern, contemporary, not ick at all :-) will post, should the chairs eventually get done (oh they will, they will!) I also got felt, ribbon and stuffing for the Valentines window display, those crafting blogs on Meridians blog are rubbing off on me!

Got home and broke out Auntie L's Xmas prezzie to dd1, cookie cutters, baking tray and cook book, and we all made basic sugar cookies and of course ate a lot of them afterwards too :-)
Homemade Pizza tonight too, I tell ya, Domestic Bliss.

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