Thursday, 21 June 2007

Web agro

Seems like a week for Web agro to me, wrestling with trying to get the correct info out of Supanames for us to swap the web site over to their hosting, you'd think I was trying to get the Queen to sign a blank cheque.........seems they think they're helping me by sending the same info, over and over again.....I keep writing back saying, yes thanks I have this, but I need the nameserver details as well.......its driving our current webmaster M nuts as well........

So have spent last few days firing emails back and forth, attempting to deal with this, whilst also dealing with poorly dd2, who having just about gotten over a week long illness, yesterday decided to teeth 4 molars at once. They don't do things by halves our girls!

Today she is happier, we've all been to Planet Happy for lunch and discovered what fun life can be again, hurrah!!

Event tomorrow, lets hope the rain stays away whilst I attempt to put up our tent on my own, hmmmm wonder if Ash and Jane will be early again?


Richard said...

I'm picking Helen, Jim and someone else up so won't be on site early this time.

Meridian Ariel said...

Good luck with the tent, fingers crossed that it wont be tipping it down for you this weekend. And no bottles of fake febreeze!