Friday, 1 June 2007


I'm guessing its because she's in the tiresome 3's that dd1 is becoming more of a screetching pain every time she doesn't get her own way.

This last weekend her screaming at being showered at Candleston, drew a 1st aider running and my dh, who accused me of shouting back at her, but to be honest, I wasn't shouting, so much as trying to get myself heard over the noise she was making to calm her down (although I did tell her off loudly for pooing in her pants, which is a no no these days) I do try not to sound like a fishwife.

To this end, yesterday whilst walking back from a friends, I turned to go down the next road over, which has at the end of it our road (you can see the houses at the begining of our road from the top of this other road). Dd1 however did not want to walk down this road, oh no, she wanted to walk home the long way.....up the road, along the top road, down the other road, to get to the point that we could see, the end of the road we were on. She proceeded to throw a blue screetching fit, as I insisted we walk along this street.

Embarassingly and perhapse re assuringly, several people opened their doors to check that I was not murdering my child (or trying to kidnap her) who was shuffling about 10 meters behind me, screaming that she did not want to walk down this road. I on the other hand remained calm, and kept asking her nicely to try and keep up.

Todays only incident so far has been the hair brushing, which was just met with more tantrums, screams and tears, and yet no knots we're found, it brushed through in 6 brushes, like the clean, newly cut hair it is.........

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Meridian Ariel said...

Well done for remaining calm while dealing with mega- tantrum! They says that its terrible twos but I think that threes can be even worse as this is when all the real tantrums begins, age two is just practice I think. I think DD1 will make an excellent B-movie actress with that scream! "Don't go into the basement!" lol