Thursday, 7 June 2007

Random waffling

Well it has to be said I'm feeling like something horrible is lurking on the horizon. I've got one of those icky headaches, that lurk around the corners of your brow. I'm probably not helping matters by drinking the cup of coffee I've just made, which is currently residing in its Krispy Kreme mug (courtesy of my friend) next to the laptop.

I guess feeling like marginal pap, I should be considering drinking the 'cleansing' tea bag that came with a magazine ages ago, which has been lurking in its sealed glory, beside by assorted fruity, drunk only by people other than me, teabag collection in our cupboard. It alledges to be made from Milk Thistle (hangovers? or prevention of I recall) Nettles and Spearmint.....that's not sounding nice to me, but maybe if I do get ill, I shall brave it and see if it does the job it purports to do.

I do have a lemon, minus its zest, waiting to be used or drunk with hot water too. The zest got used yesterday in my fantastic salmon fishcakes. Eaten by all, without a mutterance of, yuk, what's that. Although dd1 did say you can't put fish in a cake! which I'd have to agree with, in a desert cake fashion. She's come round to the idea of fishcakes rather rapidly though, and declared them yummy, hurrah for home cooking. Dh said I was turning into a domestic goddess, ha! I blame him for buying me the cookbooks!! anyway it wasn't one of Nigellas recipes that did the trick, much to his amazement. Simply a basic cookery book that someone once gave me for Christmas. I'm assuming that the person who gave it, passed it on as an unwanted present, as I'd seen it lurking in their own kitchen, and they sure don't cook much European food! but I don't care, cause it has some good recipes in it.

I've just totally lost my train of thought, as ss has arrived in the room and spouted world of warcraft at me for 5 minutes. This is not helpful, as I'm popping between this and trying to write something for my strangehaven characters, as we have an event tomorrow. All I can think of now is peanuts and Captn Jack Sparrow. I blame ss, he was just waffling on about peanuts, although apparently he's an elephant he's trying to get to? don't ask me, I only live here.

I shall say nothing more about Pirates, which we saw last night, as several people still haven't seen it yet and will shout at me!! but for the ladies,mmmmmmm Capn Jack! whom dh says I wouldn't like in real life, as he'd be all horrible and smelly, however you can always chuck a pirate in the bath can't ya?


Meridian Ariel said...

mmmmm waffles *glories in homer-esque moment of drool* I want a waffle maker.

I think your headache is catching as I didn't have one earlier and now I do and its all your fault! good luck thinking cuz my brain is toast today way too much of the boy babbling on and on incessantly.

Richard said...

You have got to love Nettle and Blackberry tea one of my favorites, but Nettle and spearmint not so sure, did you brave it and did it work?

Looking forward to meeting seaman Jack Peanut.

Rhea said...

Hello, from one midlifer to another!