Monday, 4 June 2007

Fun times

Spent the weekend attempting to have fun with the kids, whilst fielding the rest of the families requirements........
Popped into town with dh and assorted small people on sat am, managed to shop and have coffee with no tantrums, hurrah success.
PM arrives we do cycling around the close, then grandad rings up and demands an audience. This splits the camp, as it turns out for the rest of the weekend. Dh declines to come, (he works with him 5 days of the week) so I decide its ok for him to have self time, we all need it right, and go out to see Grandad with the kids.

We have a great time, buy strawberry plants from Garden centre, (shoot me I spent 2.97) then end up with an impromptu visit to Wonderland, a kids mini theme park, with small run away mine train. Dd1 decides she hates this, as her dad is not on it with her, sigh.....however all is made better by the choo choo train, horses and a drive around a track in a car. Dd1 steered whilst I did the pedals. Forgot how scary small children driving vehicles is, think my dad was very brave to do it with me when I was younger and there was less protection and safety in place! All happy and home for tea, which dh has kindly put in the oven when I rang him to say 'on way'.

We had got dvd's out for Saturday night, but failed to watch them, instead bickering between our various Internet sites of favour and Simon Cowell on This is your life. There is still hope for us, he didn't make it until he was 43. Ok, well there's hope for me anyway ;-)

Sunday came and went in a barage of miscommunication. Dd1 woke dh up early at 6am, weekends are meant for lie in's, so dh not happy about this. Dd1 then woke dd2 up, so dh huffs n puffs and takes them all downstairs. The day is off to a bad start.

10.30 and we loose dh to get ss, he has to sit for 3 hrs at a Karate Tournament to watch 5 mins of fighting......

2pm and I take the girls to Toy Library for its 7th Birthday Party. Toy Library is good, magician is entertaining, balloon swords go pop, to dd2's disgust, but the bouncy castle is nice and treats are won. We go home happy.

Get home, offer to make tea, but dh and ss are 'down a dungeon' World of Warcraft for those of you who don't know what I'm twittering on about. So give up and rather than sitting on my own with two kids, bail out to a friends taking tea with me. Have fun evening at friends having tea and coffee, whilst our assorted kids play.

All in all not a bad weekend if a little disjointed in communication at times.....

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Richard said...

You mean he's still playing World of Warcraft. He is officially a addict.