Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Lets cancel Mondays

Well that's my vote anyway. Cancel Mondays, they're invariably rubbish. They seem to come in three forms:

1. A bank holiday, which means you spend the day trudging back from where ever you have been for the weekend. Sat in hours of endless traffic ques, arguing with whomever is in the car with you, or watching them sleep. Which is even more infuriating, as that's what you want to do too!

2. They are the start of the working week, so you always have to get up early. Sort the rest of the household out (in my case at least) before settling down to a hard days graft. Only to be met by a tired and grumpy household at the end of the day, who are grumbling about it not being the weekend any more.

3. They are the day of the week you realise someone in the house is ill.

This week, we have point no 3. The ill person is Dh......and boy, oh boy, is he ill......I think he has what dd1 and 2 had last week, so I'm just waiting for my turn. (that'll be in time for the coming weekend then) Tis the pukes and trots you see, a lovely way to start the week, at precisely 2am, he went bleurgh, luckily in the toilet, and he's been at it ever since. As its Tuesday now, the frequency of this has all slowed down, due to his lack of intake of substances, bar the re-hydration sachets and a few plain biscuits. He is not a happy bunny.

Unfortunately for us this is also the week ss is off school too. He's not happy, as he wants his dad to play with him, but all he can do is sit there feeling poorly, with the occasional dash to the porcelain halls of relief.

I'm really hoping he's better for tomorrow, as we need him at work for the money.....self employment doesn't pay sickness.
We also have an event at the weekend. Please, please get better soon.


Julie said...

Oh dear, this doesn't sound good :(

Tell him I said get well soon... And naturally I hope that you don't come down with it as well!

Richard said...

Ditto what Julie said.

I had a really bad stomach flu recently see my post http://richtea-xl5.blogspot.com/2007/04/sunday-feeling-better.html it was not good and while I was back a work after 4 days it took a good 10 days fully recover.