Thursday, 14 June 2007

Busy doing nothing

This week I appear to be busy doing nothing. Not nothing as such, but just the nothing of day to day life. A fine example of nothing being yesterday. Took dd1 to nursery, dd2 and I baked a cake, cut the grass (before the torrential down pouring of yesterday evening) did some washing, hung it out to dry, took both girls swimming, went to gym. Not all in that particular order either, but you get the drift. Made tea, yadda yadda......all in all pretty boring stuff.

So in an effort to make my life more interesting dd2 decided to eat part of a float at swimming yesterday. Hurumph. A few slaps on the back and she swallowed it instead of spitting it out (oh she's a right one dd2) not sure if that caused the throwing up yesterday evening, however after the state of her nappy twice this am, think it might not be the cause after all. Poorly baby alert!!

Luckily dh is off work today, for two reasons. A) he's gone to see the Dr re getting the snip. I am very proud of him re this, not just because he hates the medical profession, but also because, lets face it, to any man, the thought of someone tinkering about with your manhood cannot be a happy one. It also means he's taking ownership of the fact that it takes two to tango, so is behaving respectfully in this manner :-) He is, in short a star. I am very lucky to be married to him. B) Its throwing it down with rain, and thus outdoor building work is a no no today.

Ah sigh, dd2 has just created another mess for me to clean up, dettol at the ready!! fingers x'd we don't all get it again.....
Still at least with dh being at home, I have the excuse to leave dd2 behind, whilst dd1 and I go out to see her friends (we have done this virtually every Thursday since she was born) and as its one of the mums birthdays tomorrow we can't possibly not go!!!


Richard said...

Sorry just cringing at thought of the snip although I hear it’s not that bad bit of local anaesthetic, two minutes, done. I work with a bloke who had it reversed he tells me that operation is painful.

BTW have you checked to see if the poo floats?

Frizbe said...

I've not checked if it floats, as its mainly very runny at the mo, unfortunatley, thank gawd she's still in nappies eh!

Julie said...

She does appear to be at that age where she'll put anything in her mouth and try to eat it :-S