Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Weather and Jams

OMG! nearly a whole week since I last posted, yikes.

So what on Earth have I done?

Erm, had to attempt tent put up on own, saved by Gareth P, bless him :-) and just in time too, as the rains then fell nicely for the rest of the away with rain Sat pm too though and was dry during Sat and Sun daytime, so hurrah for that. Still had to dry the tent out yesterday though......event went ok me thinks? might have to find time to log onto the Yahoo forums to find out! seeing as the website is still down, and Webmaster has gone away for the week, so won't be back up anytime soon. Hope she's having a nice week away, although I'm imagining the Isle of Man, is as rubbish weather wise, as things are here? She's thinking of moving out there, do I smell a tax haven per chance! Oh to have that much spare cash......

Rained a lot on Monday, watched Sheffield flood on the news, the shopping Mecca of Meadowhall is currently rather wet it friend will be gutted as two of her favourite Starbucks are currently underwater!! The M1 is still shut as well it appears, with the threat of a dam burst lurking between J32-34, feel very sorry for those affected :-( On a personal note, good job we don't have to fetch SS this weekend me thinks. Mind you as we're heading for friends in Scarborough on Saturday, looks like we're going to have to find some other way north, along with the rest of the diverted traffic no doubt. Could indeed be a nightmare again on the weather front, as more heavy rain is forecast too, aww shucks, stuck in Yorkshire, could be worse :-) so long as the booze supply holds out, we should be fine! Our friend has the sanity to buy a house in a village with a pub, (the only local facility, I like Yorkshire for that!) so we should be sorted ;-)

Had a nice time on the M5 on the way back on Sunday. I was comparing notes on the jam with another Mum today, she had the joy of the same experience, although she was on her way back from Glastonbury, sans children. Reckon I could write a book on my experience.......things to do with a small child, like leave them on the roadside, with a note on where to deliver them to when they've finished screaming.......or wondering if anyone would think I was mad for getting out and sitting on my car roof, just for the peace and quiet. Dd2 had a nice time too, as she discovered how to rip open the window blind at one end. Pull out the metal bit holding on the sucker, followed by hitting the window with the said metal rod, sigh....the things a 15mth old can do when bored.


Richard said...

Fascinating floods, glad I live at the top of a hill.
I think because people don't enjoy yahoo forums that much they don't post unless they have to, plus with no categories its just not the same. But feedback on other places such as LJ seems positive, apart from the crew fun, which happens.
By the time I reached the M5 and fed myself and passenger the jam had gone, but was gone 10 before I arrived home.

Meridian Ariel said...

Quite a shame about Meadowhall, not that we would have been going up there anytime soon. But its normally your stop durring your route to fetch ss. H was very dissapointed that you were in Wales again and without him. :o)

Julie said...

Yahoo groups are OK and have their place, but don't handle threading well although they at least try to do it now. Fortunately, googlemail will thread messages from Yahoo if you put them back to individual messages. I think people don't like them because they like the visual presentation of a proper forum and to be honest I think the Groups work better as mailing lists or mailing groups than a proper forum (which is of course how they were originally conceived).

Frizbe said...

I guess we should start using the facebook group in the meantime then!