Monday, 21 May 2007

The weekend

Well the weekend got divided into four sections really

Sat am I took the kids out to a friends, got two nice cups of coffee and an ear to listening to my whinging about dh working all morning. I know he has to do it, but just wish he'd share the workload a bit, when he could if he wanted to, if you get my drift. He's just rubbish at delegating/letting go of control! arggggghhhhhhhhhhhh she screams.

Sat pm, Strangehaven writers meeting, they assure me this went well, cause I was upto my eyeballs in kids as usual, I love em, but sometimes I wish they'd play happily by themselves you know! still I'm sure they'll grow up too quickly anyway, and then I'll be wishing they were small again. We did get to go out for a nice walk around some local woods (bar the dog muck, people don't do bagging very well round here at all, hurumph) so the woods may get used for the odd smaller event at a weekend!

Sunday am we dashed for a swim, then upto Leeds for ss's birthday. Bowling with the step family, all rather odd, dh said his ex FIL was being nicer to him than when he married his daughter, lol. SS had an ok time we think, bar the middle bit, where he decided he hated bowling? but they did Quasar as well afterwards, so hope he enjoyed it, meal and Dalek cake too.

Got back here and fantastic friend did us a BBQ, so didn't have to faff with food for everyone, love you lots mate!
Shame dd2 had to fall down the step mind and graze her hands, but she's gotta learn, right?
So bed for the little ones, then more work for us!! the joys of self employment.


Meridian Ariel said...

LOL. glad you had a good bbq round at ours despite dethtrap paving steps!

Richard said...

Thanks for the Pizza it was very filling, and I enjoyed the walk around Dog Dump Woods, as for Strangehaven I think we did ok, and you did contribute after the kids went to bed.