Friday, 18 May 2007

Cats n my garden!

Whilst I'm on the subject, my newly working anti cat device is doing the trick again. No poo on the grass today. Don't mind cat's myself, if they use the borders and bury their doings. Very happy for them to use a litter tray . Quite happy to have them in the garden, so long as they don't poo on my grass!

We did have a cat, Gandalf, whom we inherited from a friend with bad asthma. He was a huge furball, fantastic cream thing, but bar his rotting teeth,stinky breath, his inability to not sit on the keyboard when dh or I typed, he was fine. Just the extra small people make it hard on him to stay. Dd1 used him as a duster for the hall floor........when dd2 came along and he tried to sleep on her face for 3 days running, we had to say goodbye. The kids still miss him and ask when he's coming back. Although there has been bleatings for a Fish and a Rabbit lately.

He's gone back to his old owner, whose asthma has gotten worse again since he's gone back, but she loves him so much, and she was glad of the break he got down here. Up until then he'd been an indoor cat. Now he's big and brave and goes outside! He also stands from no rubbish from the other cats in the house. He was bullied before by the others in the house. So looks like a bit out outside battling over the use of our garden sorted his macho side out. Saved our grass from poo for a while as well. Still now we have the anti cat device powered up again, we should be sorted. Either that or dh will get an air rifle......

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Meridian Ariel said...

A high powered watergun is my recommendation much more fun and a good weapon against kids too!