Wednesday, 30 May 2007

The Bank Holiday

So we went to work as usual. Took some friends with us, which went OK for us all, I think? bar the small incident with the Tesco version of Fabreeze and the rain.

I should elaborate really, I can see my friend is waiting to on her blog, fire away says I ;-)
Seems we nearly had a disastrous mishap with the aforementioned bottle of stuff, courtesy of the 3 year olds......who managed to get it out of the boot of the car un-noticed, take the lid off it and put it in the middle of the drinks on the table, Que dd2 grabbing it for a drink.......argh! luckily for us all, when it hit her head and eyes, she shut her mouth. Dh spotted it happening and yelled 'dd2 NO' friend rapidly turned around and grabbed bottle, I dropped everything, dh and I grabbed dd2, ran to the standpipe and lobbed her under it at full pelt. She was not amused. It was rather cold. Dragged a 1st aider over and saline administered to eyes, dd2 all ok, didn't look like she'd drunk any of it, no soapy taste/residue in her mouth. Kept her hair smelling nice for a few days though, not that I'd recommend it.

Re the rain, it absolutely pelted it down on the Sunday, so we decamped to the arcades, a nice Italian coffee and ice cream shop and finally the soft play, until it stopped. Funny thing in the soft play, CD on was playing Spanish music from our hols, so now we have the details of the music, to get it off the Internet for dd1 and 2 to learn the words properly :-)

Friend also came back with kitten from the weekend. Alys is her new name and she is the cutest little stripey grey kitten I've seen in a long time. She was being given away free at the cream tea place in the village near where we run events, what a cutie :-)

All in all a good weekend. Think friend and her ds had a good time, if anything my dd1 was the annoying child of the weekend and that was only on the Sunday night, when it also turned out she was feeling a bit poorly too :-(
Guess its not a bad thing when you can get two three year olds to get on for four days on the trot! Let alone the adults!


Julie said...

We saw the signs for the kittens on the way there, but resisted making enquiries on the grounds that we already have two cats, both of whom might voice objections.

And I think you had the right idea on Sunday. I was fully padded up, wrapped in several layers of wool and hiding under a gazebo and was still freezing.

The Fabreeze incident was frightening and a lucky escape. Phew!

Richard said...

What Julie forgot to mention is she ran on her bad knee to get a first aider.

I missed the sign for Kittens entirely, I would have made enquiries since my Mother is currently looking for a kitten.