Thursday, 17 May 2007

Toy Library

What a grotty start to the day eh? more damn rain....yuk....still its doing the garden some good me thinks. Bar the new tomatoes that have gone out, they appear to be a little distressed at the sudden change in weather, but they were getting a bit leggy, so had no choice really.
That damn cat is back to poo'ing in the garden as well, grrrrrr, have rung dh and told him to bring home a 9v battery, to get the anti cat device going again. Bah!
Did Toy library this afternoon at Belper. I don't think its as good as the one at Crich. Actually its not that they toys aren't as good, because they are. But the setting that's lacking. Its in an old hut, also used for playgroup. But there doesn't seem enough adult chairs for my liking, which I think is actually my main beef with the place! I'm odd eh?! But when you get to my age, a nice seat is so much the better!
The dd's didn't seem that impressed by it either. It's more suited to the younger ones than the older ones.....dd1 has asked if we can NOT go again.
Off to Pampered Chef party tonight with my stalker and another friend, so shall see what the evening brings.


Meridian Ariel said...

To make things clear I am not the stalker I'm the other one, and I hope you will be putting into effect a codeword to text to dh so he will call with sudden emergency that needs you at home! Just in case its all a bit dire.

P.S. glad I didn't drag h along to the toy library! :o) He took a nice long nap instead!

Richard said...

That's the trouble with cats, never poo in the owner garden.

Julie said...

Actually, mine do!

Or rather Missy prefers our garden to anyone else's (usually immediately after some gardening has been done). Charlie is much too delicate to use the garden and waits for the litter tray.